Thank you bird

Every week I think I’ll blog more this week, but it just isn’t happening and I think I’ve figured out one reason why – lighting.  I had brilliant lighting in my last craft room – Lynn put her kitchen design skills to good use designing it for me just before she left MFI and there was loads of really bright task lighting.  I think it may be time for me to invest in some new lighting, so if any of you have any good recommendations, please leave me a comment.  I have a couple of cheap Ikea uplighters which help, but I think I need something a bit brighter and a good work light that I can have over the table.  It’s not just about lighting the work space though, I need the whole room to be light and bright to combat the SAD that I’m sure we all feel at this time of year.

Maybe that’s why most of my cards at the moment feature bright white backgrounds or why I find myself drawn more and more to pale colours and off whites?  Today’s card features a fair bit of white too.  The stamps used in this card are from The Rose Tree.  I have stamped the die cut bird with a floral spray using Versamark and clear embossing powder to create a resist.  I’ve coloured over the top using a mixture of dye inks to make the stamped pattern emerge.

I then stamped a solid flower repeatedly onto vellum and embossed with white embossing powder.  The die cut ‘thanks’ was coloured with Distress inks, then given a coat of clear embossing powder.  A printed ribbon hides the adhesive used to attach the vellum.

I’m working on something at the moment which is anything but white – we have a bright sunny day today, so maybe I’ll get it finished in daylight.

Don’t forget to check out the Design Team blog, the girls are still showing off their creations with the latest stamps.

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15 thoughts on “Thank you bird

  1. This is great Glenda i really must have a go at that resist technique
    I have a downlighter lamp over my desk with a halogen bulb which gives me a lovely bright light to work with as the rest of my craft room is a bit dull especially at this time of year.

    Jackie x

  2. Love the card Glenda! Must find the time to do a bit more experimenting myself.

    I was having trouble with lack of light recently too (I live in a converted barn which is lovely, but the lighting is crap!), and I also have the Ikea uplighters. The last time I was able to get over to the mainland, I bought one of their combination uplighters which also has a halogen spotlight for reading etc. It’s great, gives a really good clear light which as it’s on a bendy arm, can be directed to where you want it to go. I’m sure it cost just under £10 too. It might not be the whole answer for you, but it might be a cheap and cheerful solution in the meantime.

    Coral xx

    1. aha, that sounds like the lights we have in our (rather grandly named) library. Maybe it’s time to swap the lights around and see if they work better as craft lights …


  3. I love this card Glenda. the bird is gorgeous with beautiful summery colours.

    My craftroom is set back away from the windows so the lighting is terrible. I’ve got a floresent tube as the ceiling light, and a couple of spot lights on a stand for when I need something a bit better, that way I can shine them just where I want. Probably not the ideal solution but it works fror me.

    Sue x

  4. Beautiful card Glenda, that bird is a perfect antidote to the horrible weather. I always struggle with lighting during winter too, I have a daylight lamp that I used to use for cross stitch but its not much help. I’ll have to check out the ikea lights
    Claire xx

  5. Lovely card Glenda. That flower spray works really well as a resist and the colour combinatiion is gorgeous. Stamping onto vellum is one of my favourite things to do too. Hope you have some of the lovely sun up there we have today and you can finish your project in good daylight. Elaine x

  6. Lovely card Glenda, the colours on the bird are so pretty, and are really enhanced by the darker ‘thanks’. I love using resist and white stamping on vellum, so this card really appeals to me.
    I must admit that the lighting in my craft room is rubbish, so I work in our much lighter brighter extension, which is full of windows and natural light. It has large uplighters which bounce light off the vaulted ceiling at night, filling the room with light even when it is dark outside.
    It is very sunny here today too, almost too bright to sit at the dinig table!

    Judith xx

  7. lovely cheerful bird, like the vellum background too.
    Have a daylight lamp on a bendy arm, which helps, but main room light is over the desk as well – daylight is still loads better, though!

  8. Lovely card Glenda love the colours you have used and the vellum. My desk is in front of a south facing window but I have a flourescent tube for main light and an OTT-light over my desk. Suexxx

  9. Gorgeous card Glenda. The lighting in my craft room wasn’t very good at all, but I got an Ottlite for Christmas – I was pretty dubious about all the claims, but have been surprised by the results. It definitely gives “true” colours and the light spreads well beyond the actual lamp so might be something to look into.


    Karen :-)

  10. Hi Glenda,

    You’ve made a lovely ‘spring feel’ card here. Like the chipboard bird and the resist, always nice to play with! Hope the daylight helps you to finish the work. I have that same problem working at artificial light. And these days I also need my glasses more and more with crafting, degenerating is progressing……LOL greetz Mirandax

  11. Hi Glenda,

    I know they’re expensive, but I was suckered into buying an Ottlite from C&C. It’s the best light I’ve ever bought. Unbelievable for quality, the light is bright, and I’ve just replaced the main bulb in the office with an Ottlite bulb too. Have a look because they’re fantastic. eBay may be a good place to look too.

    HTH xx

  12. I love that bird & the brilliant white on vellum stamping. I’m a huge fan of tone on tone & graduated colouring so this ticks all my boxes. As to lighting – my craft room faces into a hillside with woodland so I invariably have my Daylight Lamp on when crafting.
    It did cost a bit but it helps me enormously.
    Paula (PEP)

  13. I too would like to recommend an Ottlite. I’m partially sighted and have never been able to craft after dark but since I’ve had one I can keep going all night and without a hint of eyestrain. Most of the table top Ottlites are under £50 – mine is the Craft Caddy Lamp from C&C – definitely a good investment. There’s a reasonable selection on ebay as well.

    Take care
    Nancy x

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