Subtle Meadow

What, two posts in one weekend, good grief!  Yes, and I’ve done … shhhh … housework.  And I’m cooking lunch for 8 people today!  Don’t worry, the blog hasn’t been hijacked, I haven’t been abducted by aliens and replaced with a clone – it’s still me.  Ok, the card is a cheat, I had this one made already as those of you who read the DT blog may have spotted.

It uses another piece of the white stamped vellum as in the last post and a paper from the Essence of Nature CD.  The stamping is done onto glossy card from Southfield and there’s a story to the card.  Back in 2010, Southfield informed us that they were discontinuing their glossy card as the manufacturer was no longer making it.  There was a lot of disappointment as it was a great card, brayered up lovely and produced a perfect Versamark resist.  They soon announced that they had brought it back so we started stocking that.

Fast forward to 2012 and my pile of glossy card is now well and truly mixed up.  I have bits from the old manufacturer, but obviously a lot more from the new and it’s not the same.  The new stuff doesn’t resist the Versamark, it does the opposite and the ink sticks to it!  Lesley has been writing some brayering articles for the Baroque Guild and ran into this problem when trying to photograph technique pieces for her article.  She had some happy accidents along the way, but when I tested out my card, I realised there’s glossy and there’s glossy.

So this card features the newer glossy card.  I tried to do a resist and it didn’t work. (For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Versamark ink will normally ‘resist’ a dye ink so you can stamp with the Versamark onto plain white glossy card and brayer dye ink over the top to create white stamped images.)  I went along with it anyway and just built up layers of stamping (using Wisteria Lane), stippling, sponging and a bit of brayering – all with Memento and Distress inks.

It seemed like quite a sombre palette until I added the orange which livened it up a bit.  The rose started out cream and was sprayed with Angel Pink.  It turned out a more coral shade than I expected and just added the finishing touch.

I’m off to do my domestic goddess bit now.  That means clearing the craft room table so we can take it downstairs – our little dining table only seats four!

Enjoy your Sunday,

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8 thoughts on “Subtle Meadow

  1. Beautiful card Glenda, those colours are stunning together. Its really interesting to hear about the different glossy card manufacturers, I have to say I love this non resist technique lol.
    Claire xx

  2. Love this card and like the techniques used on it. I think I may have to purchase this set of stamps. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  3. This is a gorgeous card Glenda I love the colours and the non resist resist technique makes a brilliant background
    Its interesting to read about the different types go glossy card, until you experience it you really don’t appreciate the difference it makes

    Jackie x

  4. This is a gorgeous happy accident – what a shame that card stock we like gets discontinued and the replacement is never the same

  5. love the colours, and the vellum goes really well with the paper – shame about the ‘new’ card though, hard to tell the difference until something doesn’t work anymore…

  6. Hi Glenda, you’ve been a busy bee today! And indeed housework must be written in grey……I can write in the grey dust sometimes LOL, but then after cleaning at least you can see the difference!
    This is such a lovely card Glenda and this flower is great!

    greet, Mirandax

  7. I think this really illustrates that the unexpected can be worked with to produce something quite exquisite. The virtue of being flexible in one’s creativity is beautifully shown & I convess to absolutely loving your touches of orange & that flower!
    Hope all the domestic creating went well too.
    Paula (PEP)

  8. Another lovely cheery card Glenda love the orange so uplifting. Hope you got the dastardly domestic chores out of the way and enjoyed your visitors.

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