A glimpse into the studio

I don’t have much in the way of finished projects to share at the moment.  This is the state of my studio this morning:

Yesterday we had a delivery which included a whole load of new Crafter’s Workshop stencils.  Well, much as I love stamping, I’ve been feeling the call of doing some mixed media type stuff, so I had to have a play.

I’m working on a couple of canvases and having a blast trying out the stencils.  They are standing up to a fair bit of rubbing and scrubbing as I’ve been using them with fibre paste and gel as well as paints and inks.

This canvas has doilies and lace attached with gel medium and I’ve used the Circle Grid stencil in the corner.  I applied fibre paste over the stencil with a palette knife.  Here’s a close up.

Not sure where this canvas will go, I might try an image transfer of some trees on it.  Adrian took some photos of trees recently which I think might work quite well.

I’ve also been playing around with the stencils on some tags, just to try them out.

There’s embossing and Perfect Pearls going on here – I don’t have shimmery, coppery-reddish-goldish embossing powder, but by the time it’s been dusted with the pearls, it look like I do.

I love the pointy circles stencil on this canvas and can see me using this one loads.

It’s in the background of the tag too, but after doing the background, I decided to paint a face and covered most of it up!  I drew the face and hair shape and blocked it out with Titan Buff acrylic paint (by Golden).

It’s a fairy heavy body paint so gives pretty good coverage when you need to hide the colour beneath.  I don’t know why I gave her teal hair – seemed right at the time.

So there you go, a brief journey around my current work in progress. Hopefully I can get some of these finished off over the weekend, but I’m much more likely to end up with another batch of half started items – I am definitely not a completer-finisher!

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13 thoughts on “A glimpse into the studio

  1. It was great to take a look into your studio – thanks for sharing. It is always tempting to start new things before others are finished and I have to admit I’m also a great starter/not always finisher. I don’t call them UFO’s – WIP (work in progress) is much more positive and a little positive thinking goes a long way. Is that snow spotted through your window?

    1. Yes, there’s a little snow left where the sun can’t get to it and the birdbath is frozen solid. I don’t know what the current temperature is, but the heating is on full, I have my thermals on and fingerless gloves and I’m still freezing!


  2. Thoroughly interesting glimpse & I love the look of those stencils. Had to smile at some of your essentials (kitchen roll, wet wipes, Tim Holtz scissors……) good to see you in action & having fun…….have a lovely weekend.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. There are some great WIPs there Glenda. I love some of the vibrant colours that you are using. I had to order the pointy circles mask, it’s fabulous. I have seen your studio of course, but it normally looks tidier than that. It’s good to see some creativity in progress. Glad you are getting some inky painty time for yourself, Judith xx

  4. It’s great to get a glimpse into your studio Glenda, those WIPs look great and I look forward to seeing the completed canvases. I think I might “need” that pointy circle stencil I can see it being really useful. It’s good that you are finding time for yourself to pay and have fun
    Have a lovely weekend
    Jackie xx

  5. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your studio Glenda I tend to start things and not always finish but I am trying hard to make myself complete things at the moment. Love the colours you are using and the projects look very interesting and really excited about more stencils. Have a lovely time playing and a great weekend . Suexxx

  6. Looking at the weather outside the window it looks like the best time to stay in and play.
    I am just going to do that now. In the mood for wedding cards as DS has 2 wedding invites so far this year and if I dont get ahead he springs it on me last minute.

  7. love that first canvas, really cheerful colours for a lousy day! The frost on the window reminds me of my childhood, used to be some really lovely patterns in the mornings. The temp here was -6 at 9.30 yesterday morning, so I bet you were even colder up north –stay warm(ish) and have fun working

  8. Hello Glenda, thank you for sharing a little bit of your studio with us. The first thing I must say is that I’m jealous of the gorgeous light coming in your window! The canvases are gorgeous, I love her teal hair & the tags are lovely,

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