Mixing up the media

I am getting better at scheduling playtime into my life.

As always, I have lots more started bits than finished, but here is a finished painting which I did on a small wooden block (actually a stamp handle).

She looks very serious, I need to practise mouths and get my figures to smile and laugh more.  The dictionary paper is glued onto the block with Ranger’s new Glue ‘n’ Seal (matte) and I publicly proclaim that I am officially in LERVE with this product.  So much so that I’ve just ordered the larger size container of it because I neeeeeed more.

I’ve been using it a lot and it just doesn’t leave brush marks, but dries to an invisible finish.  I’ve used it with plain tissue, Tim Holtz printed tissue, dictionary paper, dressmaking patterns and napkins and it is just fantastic for all these lightweight things.  For heavier paper or card, I would probably still use Gel medium as the heavier the item is, the more adhesion it needs.  However, sometimes gel can tear the delicate stuff – particularly napkins or dressmaking pattern tissue and so far this has worked a treat on all of those.

It also dries quickly and you can stick your paper down, then go straight over the top with the sealing coat.  I hadn’t intended writing a love letter  to Glue’n’Seal, but there you go.  If you like collage, you need to try it.  Oh yeah, there’s a brush built into the lid so you can use it without having to get out a brush and go fetch a jar of water.  Well, that is until you get near the bottom when there’s still lots of glue left, but the built in brush doesn’t quite reach it.  It’s also a bit plastic-y so I prefer to use my own softer brush for the delicate stuff like napkins.

Talking of collage, I also prepared a background for something else that I am working on.

Can you guess what it’s made from?  Again it’s covered in dictionary paper (from an illustrated dictionary) which has been painted with acrylic paints, then stencilled with a variety of Crafter’s Workshop templates.  I stencilled some red hearts then used interference blue and bright gold for the top layers of stencilling which use the Cubist stencil and the Circle grid stencil.

And finally, remember this canvas?

Well I’ve done a bit more work and it’s currently progressed to this:

More Crafter’s Workshop templates – this time Spring Fling and Pointy Circles.   I just can’t get enough of these, I am really enjoying working with these templates as you can probably tell.  The hydrangea in the corner is a napkin, glued down with …. yep, you guessed it, Glue ‘n’ Seal!

You know what, I’m feeling generous today and I’ve just decided on the spur of the moment to send a pot of this wonder stuff to one lucky blog reader.  All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me if you have tried Glue ‘n’ Seal yet and if you haven’t, why you think you could give a free pot a good home.

I’ll pick a winner on Monday and as long as we have some left in stock, I’ll send it straight out.  (We have a delivery due in any day now so even if we sell out over the weekend, we should have it back in pretty quickly).

Have a great weekend!

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26 thoughts on “Mixing up the media

  1. Morning Glenda, I’m loving these backgrounds, all the different layers look fab. Your girl is beautiful, she looks very soulful.
    I haven’t been too bothered about Glue & Seal, thinking it was just another glue. But your review has sparked my interest, especially if it’s that good as a sealer. I’ve been experimenting with overpainting glued objects & am not very happy with the results. I shall have to try G&S. Have a lovely Friday.

  2. Hi Glenda,
    just starting out with mixed media projects and so need any help I can get. A pot of G & S sounds just the thing to help me on my way. Hope I’m lucky.
    Hve a good weekend.
    Gill x

    1. Glue ‘n’ Seal is more fluid than Mod Podge, but it does a similar job of working as both glue and topcoat. I have found Mod Podge can leave brush marks, but it’s years since I’ve used it, so it’s not a very up to date comparison.


  3. Wow these are wonderful Glenda.. very Dyan…. I am going on a workshop in Harrogate next week and hope to try out the Glue and Seal there… if not would love to win some. Thanks for the chance xx

  4. Hi Glenda, I’ve used paper napkins before and they do tear easily so I think I deserve to win the Glue and Seal just so I can get it right next time. I love all of your work wish I was as clever.
    Ann x

  5. I’m pleased you are managing to get some playtime Glenda and I love your makes on display today. Those backgrounds are fab and your lady doesn’t look serious to me just very thoughtful. Those stencils are fab I have more on my wish list as I’m just getting into the multimedia stuff. I’ve been very unsuccessful adding tissue so this sounds the perfect solution so I’d love to win some. Thank you for your generosity

    Jackie x

  6. Your Glue and Seal review sounds fab. I have a fair few napkins lounging in a cupboard as the medium I previously used was not really up to scratch. If I win the Glue and Seal my napkins will heave a sigh of relief to see the light of day again. If I don’t win I may just need to find my purse and get some the old fashion way. Thanks Glenda

  7. Haven’t used glue and seal Glenda but have used the gel medium for my collage lampshade.Just seeing your efforts and looking at my patchwork lampshade is giving me urge to do some collage.So I could really give some glue and seal a very good workout!!!!!xx Joyce

  8. Love the backgrounds Glenda, the hydrangea one really zings!
    It’s great to get some good info on how well the Glue & Seal works, and what it’s best with.
    There are so many products out there that you can spend a fortune on them (I have!), and still not have the right one for the job in hand.
    Thank you for that.

    Coral xx

  9. wow, that canvas has certainly changed – looks even better now, love the napkin in the corner. Very interesting to read about the Glue & seal – wonder if it works on candles?

  10. Loving your art work and reading about the ‘Glue and Seal’.
    I will certainly indulge in a pot and will recommend it, from your shop of course.

  11. Hello Glenda
    Loving your work but nothing new there as I always do.
    “Glue & Seal” sounds great & very useful, yet again you are being a very generous lady.
    Don’t expect I deserve to win a pot anymore than anyone else does but if I did it would certainly be given a good home & put to very good use!
    Regards! Rita

  12. You’re on a roll Glenda, gorgeous artwork! The Crafters Workshop templates are addictive aren’t they? I’ve never tried the Glue & Seal but it sounds like another must have
    Claire xx

  13. Super work Glenda. I have not tried the Glue n Seal but it sounds great. I could use it on my Tags, my attempts at Gildong (Maybe) and generally anything gluey.

  14. Great work Glenda – love the way the canvas has progressed and the hydrangea seems to fit so well. I haven’t tried Glue&Seal but would love to try that technique with the napkins; I’ve got some beauties lurking in the dining room that could come out to play.
    Gina x

  15. Your canvas looks brilliant with the hydrangea napkin & I love the look of those Crafters Templates. I had a bit of a mishap with trying to glue a doily onto one of my tags & it broke – when I read your review of the Glue ‘n’ Seal I decided it would solve that problem so it’s on my wish list. It would certainly be a great boon to win a pot for then my bookshop money can continue to be used for more of your rubber.
    I’m totally intrigued by what is forming the basis of your other project.
    Paula (PEP)
    PS – I rather like your stern-faced girl: she’s got a look of elegance about her.

  16. Loving all this work and love the canvas you altered and gorgeous colours, I am in love with the stencils as well and the Glue and seal sounds just the thing for the collage and I would love to be lucky so thank you for the chance.

  17. Morning Glenda,
    The glue & seal looks fabulous…I love what you have done with the stencils too….more for my wish list which get ever longer.
    I would love to win the glue & seal as I am trying to experiment with mixed media a bit more.
    Shirley x

  18. Hi Glenda, it really looks fabulous your canvasses! Love those stencils too and have a lot of them now……..now more playing-time! I am very curious about this ‘glue’…..
    really enjoyed looking at Trillian, all the way grinning………
    greet Mirandax

  19. WOW thank you for this fab run down on Glue n Seal, I have been toying with the idea of altering an old fashioned wardrobe style jewellery box (wonderful charity shop find) & have been looking into various glue’s & sealers. Because it will be an ornamental piece, I need something to seal the finished project with that will be water proof. I had been wondering if the Glue n seal would do the job for me, your post has answered my question & I will definately be going with this product now, plus it has the added bonus of non streaking or brush stroking … yay!
    I would love to have a freebie pot to start me off.

    Many thanks for the chance to win a pot
    Jane x

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