A Bo Bunny Spring Thing

Every Wednesday night, I host a ‘live chat’ over on our community forum and one of the topics that cropped up this week was to do with inky messy techniques versus ‘licky sticky’ crafting.  So I thought I would show you a card I made recently from, gasp, a cardmaking kit!

When we moved house a couple of years ago, I purged a fair bit of craft stuff and over the last year I’ve purged even more (much of the good stuff making its way into our Stash Boxes and Stash-e-lopes that we occasionally sell on the website).  One of the outcomes was that most of my decorative paper went the journey – if I liked it too much, I didn’t want to waste it, but in all honesty, most of it had just lost its dazzle for me.

Now I’m being very, VERY selective on what printed paper makes its way into my craft room.  After all, I have the talented Lesley’s downloads to play with and I can whip up a mean paper myself when I want to.  Yet there is something so seductive about paper – other people put colour combinations and patterns together that inspire me so I continue to be hopelessly and unashamedly addicted.

What is different though, is that I have a new rule – if it comes into the craft room, it must get USED.  I have thrown out my ‘precious’ attitude towards the stuff, after all, so what if I use the last piece, I know there will be another, equally gorgeous design that will ease the pangs.

As far as stocking the website with delicious papers goes, I have learned that what I consider drop dead gorgeous is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, so I go cautiously and test things out.  We just got some Bo Bunny 6×6 pads in recently, and while ordering, I spotted they had card making kits for each of their new lines.  I have a glut of birthdays in March, so I popped one of the Ambrosia kits onto my order.

It’s ‘licky sticky’ crafting at it’s absolute best.  There are die cut sheets, rub-on sentiments and stickers, cut pieces of paper from the Ambrosia range and a simple set of instructions to make 8 pretty cards.  I threw the instructions out, examined the die cuts and discarded a few that I just wouldn’t use, and set to making up a batch of cards with the remaining pieces.  The folded cards are all printed with gorgeous designs and printed both sides too, so I have cut some of them up to stretch the kit to more than the 8 cards they recommend.

The card above took less than ten minutes.  The bunting is self adhesive die cut chipboard pieces, the sentiment is a rub-on which I applied to a cut nestie shape then inked the edges with Tumbled Glass Distress ink.  I used the yellow printed card, choosing not to hide any of the lovely pattern with another piece of paper, just a little strip behind the nestie shape.

So I still have lots of the kit left and it will come in handy when I need to throw a card together quickly.  Now I didn’t get any of the kits for the website because historically, we have found that most of our customers prefer to buy the papers and do their own thing.  We do have the Ambrosia 6×6 pad (well we do at the time of writing this, but by the time you’re reading, we may have sold out so I’ll get more in) and a couple of other rather gorgeous 6×6 pads too.


So my question to you is whether you think I should get kits in?  I know most of my readers would probably class themselves as being more of the adventurous inky types, but I’m curious to know if you have bought, or would ever buy a card making kit?

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18 thoughts on “A Bo Bunny Spring Thing

  1. Love the card (it’s a great quick card) but I’m one of those that never buys kits, much preferring to do my own thing.
    But I do collect paper pads and whilest hoarding them I rarely use them – but even that has changed a bit this year. I have decided to be much more selective in what I buy, and either start using stash or passing it on.

  2. I used to buy kits when I first started making cards, but have long since stopped doing so and prefer to start from scratch, however, I am addicted to background papers like the lady above! Unfortunately I had a tendancy to save them but of late have adopted a similar attitude to yourself, and am systematically attempting to use my long since hoarded stash. So in answer to your question i guess I wouldn’t buy any more kits – sorry.

  3. I really like this card and as you say it’s a great quick make for when you either have a lot of birthdays at once or very little time. They are also good for making cards to see for charity due to the quickness of making them. Like the ladies before me I love papers and often just keep the, for stroking but I am also trying to be more selective in what I buy ( in fancy I haven’t bought a new paper pad in the last year) as I’m trying to use what I have and not hoard.
    In answer to your question there are times when I would buy a kit especially one that’s as gorgeous as this one sounds but maybe only once or twice a year
    Jackie x

  4. I’m definitely better going with the flow but can well see the use of kits – I have an elderly friend with limited movement who loves to sit putting things together. The putting together of elements & colours is an art in itself which your card demonstrates beautifully & after all, there are kits & KITS! The simple answer is I wouldn’t buy a kit unless it were a gift. I’m only just now experimenting with overstamping on patterned papers & having bought papers when I first started crafting I have a whole stack to either use or give away. Taste does change & I’ve had to re-align my craft stash, after all having bought most of the scoring boards on the market in search of the “PERFECT” one I have settled for the Scor-Pal & MS plus the lovely pink thing (whose name escapes me just now).
    Paula (PEP)

  5. I have bought kits in the past but only used bits of them, I’ve also collected lots of paper pads from Kaisercraft (gorgeous). I get them all out of the box and sit and look at each page just like reading a book then put them carefully back in the box. I have been quite good lately and actually started to use some pages, still keeping the best to look at again. I’ve had a clear out as tastes do change and given loads to my daughter to use with her class at school.
    I promised myself that I would not buy anymore kits but then again I might be tempted by those such as the one above.
    Ann x

  6. I *have* bought kits but …. they’re still there in their packaging! I’m not a licky sticky person, don’t *do* ready-made toppers etc. so I probably wouldn’t (no, definitely wouldn’t) be interested in seeing these in your shop :)

  7. Well, I do occasionally buy kits – tempted by lovely papers, colours, etc., but usually do my own thing with them (or sometimes just leave them in the box & stroke every once in a while!!). But I do have this mental block where I think it’s a bit like “cheating” if you use a kit – however, I used to think this about die-cutting & guess who just loves her Cuttlebug & Nesties now, hmmm…….
    So, kits are useful for “quickies” & I’m often tempted by a very special kit.
    I do love a 6×6 pad, though……
    Oh, God – there’s no hope………………………………I just LOVE crafty stuff!

    don’t think I’ve been much help, here – but you did ask, Glenda.

    ttfn, Liz M xxx

  8. Firstly I love the card you have made Glenda and when I started and was unable to do much I bought lots of kits and papers, but have moved on since then and am in the process of sorting things out for charity shops etc. So in answer to your question I am definitely not into kits sorry. Suexxx

  9. I only buy them for Emily from the works when they are cheap but as she’s always wanting to try techniques that I do she’s not that fussed. So no as nice as the card is I wouldn’t buy kits, sorry.
    Happy craftin

  10. It is such a pretty card, I love the bunting. I’m another who has bought kits in the past – and I still have most of them. I was very enthusiastic initially, but then got bored. I keep thinking I should make the cards & either donate them or try to sell them, but the boxes are still taking up space. So my verdict has to be – no more kits for me.

  11. Love your card Glenda.I agree with most of the above comments in that I may have bought the odd card making kit when I first started crafting.Found that I didn’t want to make up lots of cards in a similar style,as a result have ended up with unused kits.
    The challenge for me these days is to use up stash I have in an inventive sort of way.[not as beautifully inventive as your card is I might add] So the upshot is I wouldn’t buy any more card making kits-nice papers however are different!!!!!! xx Joyce

  12. There are kits and kits of dubious quality but Bo Bunny papers and other items are usually lovely. You have shown that with imagination (and throwing out the instructions) lovely things can be made using the componenet supplied. For myself I prefer getting inky etc although I do admit to buying the odd ‘licky-sticky’ items in the early days but don’t succumb nowadays.

  13. I love the colours on your card and I also think its a lovely kit. I’ve bought a few kits this year as a beginner, but am getting braver now and experimenting a bit more. Kits have helped me with colour coordination and shapes and helped me discover techniques I might not have known about.. I find now that I use the kits for quick makes then turn to my inky bits and stamps when I have more time and inspiration. Having said that I do like the BoBunny papers mmmmm I guess I could be tempted LOL

  14. I rarely buy kits though I do have a few that I bought on impulse because I just loved the images. They are certainly useful for those last minute makes but they are unlikely to be something I would buy online. That said, I am a true paper addict but know exactly what you mean when you say sometimes things lose their appeal over time. It doesn’t stop me though and I sometimes challenge myself to use a paper that doesn’t instantly call to me. I’ve made some nice projects using up the ‘aughts’
    Gina x

  15. I’m new to cardmaking and got a xmas kit early on with a magazine. Seemed fun to have all the elements and ideas on what to make with them. But in reality I hated it!! Much prefer to buy varied items for different sources, then mix and match or make them myself :)

  16. I have a few ‘kits’ but they tend to be the papers that attract me rather than the bits if that makes sense, a paper stack with a few accenting tags or ribbon is my limit, I much prefer making my own ‘toppers’ ,although i must admit that a few die cut decoupage flowers/ bears/ cats i once bought have come in handy for quick cards :)

  17. I have bought kits before, but I’ve always found that I don’t like 30% of what is in there, and 10% are things I would probably never use. I always find that I’m really picky about quality, and sometimes I find that the die cuts are not as well cut as they’d be if I’d cut them out myself, or the rub ons are not as easy to use as they should be.

    I think instead of buying in kits, if you could make a guide for putting together a quick card, with inspirations then that may be better.

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