Did y’all miss me?

You may be wondering where I’ve got to over the last couple of weeks.  Well apart from general busyness, truth is I’m currently rather unwell.  I won’t bore you with the details, but my latest bout of endometriosis pain did actually result in an ambulance trip and a day in hospital with a couple of doses of morphine to sort it out.  I’ve had it since 2003, but for some reason it has got significantly worse in the last year and this month it seems to have been complicated by a slight infection too.  I have a specialist appointment next week so I should soon have a plan to get sorted and following a recent scan it does look like there is still a non-surgical option available to me which is great news.

I’m feeling much better now, though still not back to my usual bouncy self – a bit more rest and pampering is called for I think (wondering how long I can milk it …).

So apologies for the artistic wasteland.  I did have a few new cards to show you, but they’ve been picked up by a magazine for later in the year, so I have to hold off publishing them myself (for two years) and I’ve not had the energy this week to create anything new.

My timing is apalling as I was going to spend the week championing Lesley (thepaperengineer.blogspot.co.uk) who took up my seven day blogging challenge, just like Adrian did a couple of weeks ago.  If you get chance please go check out her blog, she has so much talent to share and I really hope she keeps up the blogging.  She’s also designing some gorgeous downloads exclusive to Chocolate Baroque, including brand new Patterned Spool sets and Ribbon Cards, just launched this week.  You might also find Adrian’s style of humourous writing quite entertaining too (after all, this is the guy who wrote Add a Brad!)

All the responses to the last post about kits were very interesting (thank you for sharing your thoughts) and very much echoed what I suspected.  Before I wrote that post, I had actually put a pack of papers together from Kaisercraft which I completely fell for and I added some tags and ribbons to it, but resisted calling it a kit because there are no instructions with it.  Instead, I called it a Playpack which harks back to a club that my mum signed up to when I was a kid.  Once a month a ‘playpack’ would come in the post and you never knew quite what was going to be in there, but it was probably sugar paper and fuzzy felt (yes, I’m a child of the seventies).  I still remember the excitement of playpack day and the fun of sitting at the kitchen table with my mum drawing and painting and constructing obscure monsters from glue and pipecleaners.

There will shortly be an inspiration leaflet for the pack as I loved it so much, I made a quite a few cards with the papers and I’m writing them up for a download leaflet (free if you buy the pack).

The papers are all double sided and see the printed strip at the bottom?  Well on the reverse side, that strip is printed with a contrasting design, so rather than cut it off, I’ve made a feature of it on the card below, which also features our new Haberdashery stamps.

Haberdashery stamps and kaisercraft papers

The new Lace Fragments and Haberdashery stamp sets were announced on the Design Team blog last week and you’ve still got time to be  in with a chance of winning these gorgeous sets if you leave a comment over there today. Here’s what the stamps look like if you missed them:

I’ll be picking a winner sometime over the weekend – who knows, it could be your lucky day!

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21 thoughts on “Did y’all miss me?

  1. Sorry to hear you have been unwell. Hope all goes well with the specialist.

    Received your newsletter this morning and am sorry you won’t be sending these any more but just thought I would tell you how much I have enjoyed these over the years.

    Get well soon



    1. Thanks Sylvia, it’s not been easy to make that decision, but health permitting, I have so many new ideas I really want to share with a wider audience so I hope you won’t miss the paper newsletter too much.


  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better Glenda, take it easy and enjoy the pampering for as long as you can (or as long as Adrian will let you lol) Love the playpack idea, I’ve just ordered mine and some of Lesley’s gorgeous new downloads too.
    Claire xx

  3. Sorry you have been in so much pain Glenda, as an ex sufferer you have my heartfelt sympathies. I hope you are soon feeling better enjoy the pampering for as long as Adrian is willing to provide it. I hope the specialist sorts you out very soon.
    Having got my guild newsletter this morning I just want to say how sorry I am that it is the last but realise things have to progress and evolve. I’ve loved receiving it over the years but will look forward to what you will bring us in the future.
    Love the playpack idea and Lesley’s new downloads I can feel an order coming on especially as I don’t have to keep some money for my membership renewal now
    Take care, jackie x

  4. Hi Glenda sorry you are having such a rough time with your health. Was sad to receive your other news this morning but fully understand why ,but have enjoyed in immensely. Hope you are soon a lot better. Love Suexxx

  5. I am so glad that you are turning a corner now Glenda. I too hope tht your appointment goes well with the specialist and that you can go forward with a positive plan.

    The playpack idea sounds fab, I love the idea of receiving goodies in the post, but am not necessarily keen on a ‘kit’ as such. These are so pretty, and your card is gorgeous. I love the swirls stamped on the tag, and the colours are lovely together.

    Gosh, I remember fuzzy felt! I used to love that stuff, maybe that’s why I still love felt so much now, Lol!

    Take care, Judith xx

  6. So sorry to hear you’ve not been well Glenda, that’s horrid, and I hope the specialist can find a good solution very quickly.

    I’m also sorry that you won’t be doing any more newsletters, they’ve been greatly enjoyed, but lots of businesses are having to change and adapt to the challenging financial circumstances that we’re all experiencing.

    I’m sure that although all the guild members will miss the newsletters, we’ll all be happy that you’re continuing with the business, and bringing us lovely new stamps and other exciting goodies.

    Good luck with the specialist and I hope you’re feeling well enough to play soon.

    Coral xx

  7. Hi Glenda, lovely card and made with gorgeous papers……never can have to much of that….hope the specialist will manage to get things better for you! And also….you can never be pampered too much! warm greet Miranda

  8. Hi Glenda,
    So sorry to hear about your health issues and do hope things get sorted out for you as soon as possible. As I haven’t yet received my newsletter, I was devastated to hear that they will not be continuing as I so looked forward to them each month but hey, everything changes over time. The most important thing for you now is your health. When should I have received this last issue of the newsletter (in case it’s gone astray again like last month).
    With best wishes

  9. Hallo Glenda,
    Do hope you will start to improve soon. Make as much as you can of the rest period!
    Really sad news about the Guild Newsletter but I do understand. I’ve loved reading it – you’ve given me lots of pleasure and inspriation.
    I’ve just received one order – very promptly – but I can feel another one coming on – as soon as I can access the website. Is that feeling poorly too?

    Best wishes,
    Gillian xx

  10. Hi Glenda and welcome back.. I am pleased you are feeling a bit better. We all need a rest from time to time ( even from creating crafty masterpieces) so enjoy the pampering while you can. I love the haberdashery theme and your playpack looks very interesting. I feel an order coming on. Please don’t worry about discontinuing the newsletter. I will keep checking the website for new inspiration.
    Crafty hugs

  11. Hi Glenda,
    So pleased that you are feeling a little better, I do hope that the non surgical solution works and you can get back to your normal self soon.
    Thank you very much for continuing the Guild privileges online, your newsletter will be missed very much but the printing & postage costs alone must be massive, not to mention all of the effort that goes into producing a monthly publication. Anyhow we still have the internet and I look forward to hearing about your exploits and new art ideas.
    Very best wishes.

  12. Liebe Glenda,

    es hat mich ganz traurig gestimmt, daß es dir so schlecht geht.
    Ich weiß selbst wie das ist, wenn man unter starken Schmerzen leidet, man alles an Medikamenten ausprobiert und nichts so wirklich hilft.

    Ich hoffe vom ganzen Herzen, dass es eine gute Lösung für dich gibt.
    Etwas, was Körper und Seele nicht noch zusätzlich belastet.

    Gute Besserung wünsche ich dir, und verliere dein Lachen nicht.
    Liebe Grüße und viel Licht im Herzen
    wünscht dir Sophie

  13. Hi Glenda
    Yes, sorry to hear you have been poorly, glad you are feeling a bit better.
    Hopefully the non surgical procedure will give you relief.
    I love your card with the lacy skirt on the dress model, fab colours!
    I think the playpack look super and will probably have to get one!
    Currently doing your online Card Design course and loving it!!
    Take Care hugs Christine

  14. Hi Glenda,

    It’s been a while since I popped by your blog…there are sooo many to browse these days. So much creative talent out there. So sorry to read about your health issues with endometriosis. A close friend of mine suffered for years with it and endured several operations.

    I received the newsletter yesterday and was saddened to read about the decision to end the newsletter, but completely understand the reasons why. I frequently refer to back issues for inspiration. You have a very talented DT. The new stamp designs are gorgeous. A suggestion for consideration…say a quarterly online publication full of inspiration that peeps could save in pdf format if they wish.

    I did the recent online classes with My Creative Classroom and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the various techniques demonstrated.

    Re the post about card kits…I have quite a lot (Kanban buys from QVC) as I’m drawn in by the gorgeous designs. But when it comes to making cards, I tend to start from scratch. However, the current economic climate will see me using those kits as creatively as possible. One card kit I did use was a Basic Grey Wassail one the other year. The Christmas cards were so quick to make compared to normal and all recipients liked them.

    There is some gorgeous dp out there at the moment, with accessories to go with it. I’d be quite happy to buy a ‘playpack’ of co-ordinating dp, chipboard stickers, ribbon etc for those moments when a quick card is called for. Kaisercraft, Bo Bunny, Pink Paislee, Prima are all good quality.

    Look after yourself,

    Hugs, Pauline x

  15. Sorry to hear of the reason for your crafting drought – know how you feel (surgery was my only option) and hope you will soon be your bouncy self once more

    Fab projects


  16. I have all the Guild Newsletters since I joined & frequently refer back to them so shall miss them but I can well understand that they drain your resources. I’m enormoulsy grateful for your continuation of Guild Privileges for it means I’ll be able to keep up with your new releases. Glad you’re improving but do take care as these things can be terribly draining. I do love your card & am looking forward to working with the new sets once I’ve got them ordered.
    Paula (PEP)

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