Origami Landscape

I created this canvas back in February and after I first created it, I knew that I wanted to turn it into a landscape with trees. I found some Japanese origami paper in my stash and thought it would be fun to create some trees from it, but changed my mind and decided that I would use torn strips of it to create hills instead.  The trees were made from dictionary paper coloured with PanPastels and the flowers are newspaper coloured in the same way.  I used a Black Soot Distress Marker to add some shading to the base of the tree trunks and around the edges of the flowers and put a big blob of Black Diamond stickles into the centre of each one.

This is what it looks like now.

I’m going to re-photograph it in better light as it doesn’t look very in focus to me.  Possibly because I left the camera on the manual settings after trying to capture a huge owl at dusk that had landed on our neighbour’s wall the night before.  It was getting pretty dark, so we were there with the tripod and the long lens, adjusting the camera’s settings for low light and using the remote control to minimise any camera shake on the long exposure that was necessary.  Half an hour later we were excitedly downloading the photos from the camera to find we had lots of very blurry dark shots, but one or two that clearly showed that we had spent a good twenty minutes photographing a wooden decoy!

Our suspicions were confirmed the following morning – the owl hadn’t moved a millimetre!  I’m pleased to say we saw the funny side – in fact we howled with laughter.  Howled … get it?  H-“owl”-ed!!  Yeah, ok, I’ll leave the bad puns to Adrian.

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14 thoughts on “Origami Landscape

  1. Ooh! Really like the canvas Glenda, love the shapes and colours, what a great inspiration. I’ll need to have a try of something like that myself.

    Had to laugh about the owl! A friend was up here (Isle of Arran, Scotland) visiting once, and mistook the large wooden cut out deer on a local estate for a real one! At certain times of the year you see plenty of real ones, but they blend in a little better than the wooden one!

    Coral xx

  2. Owl start off by saying I love your canvas. The colours are so vibrant. I envy you beak-ause I find it difficult to work on canvas’s, I find the size daunting and I’m not really colour confident. I wood imagine yourself and Adrian had a good laugh when seeing the wide eyed visitor in daylight. Hope you have a hoot of a day. Debbie

  3. Oh dear I had to laugh when I read the owl story – thaks for sharing that. The canvas is amazing and so effective with its vibrant colour and those lovely trees and flowers.

  4. I love your canvas Glenda it’s vibrancy and those stylised trees and flowers is fantastic
    I had to smile at the owl story I can imagine yours and Adrian’s faces when you realised what you had spent so long photographing
    Jackie x

  5. That canvas is absolutely delightfully glorious. Now I was chuckling away over the owl & husband wonders what is so funny – so I tell him your story……..ever the intellectual: What’s the purpose of a wooden decoy? Why would you want to drive an owl away?……. after almost 12 years I KNOW I married a questionner!
    Paula (PEP)

  6. Hi Glenda,

    What a gorgeous canvas you’ve made, like that background technique and colours, smashing! Warm greet Miranda

  7. loved the owl story – agree with Kirsten trip to opticians may be indicated – but if you only saw it at night, maybe not!
    the canvas has certainly changed, even more vibrant now, will definitely brighten any room up

  8. I love the colours that you have chosen to compliment the original canvas Glenda. Those trees and flowers are stunning, and the hills are so pretty in the origami paper. The black outlines and Stickles really make everything pop. A great project.

    The owl story was very funny, and I can really imagine your enthusiasm at capturing such a great specimen, only to find afterwards that all was not what it seemed 😉 We have a little rubber lizard that the builders found while doing some work recently, it catches people out all of the time!

    Judith xx

  9. OoooH I loved th canvas first time but even more now, I have to admit I did laugh about the owl , just as well you saw the funny side. Suexxx

  10. Your landscape with the trees is absolutely stunning!!! I’m in love with that canvas. Thank you for sharing it’s beauty with us and for the instant inspiration I got from looking at it.

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