Guess where I am!

DSC_0554 copy

This was the sight that welcomed us to our beautiful holiday home – a giant print of a Tunnocks teacake (by artist Fiona Watson).  Even better – there was a pack of 10 real ones on the kitchen workbench with a welcome note!  Greeted by chocolate – how did they know?!

This time last week I didn’t think we’d get here.  I had a long chat with my GP about the cocktail of symptoms that have been making life rather unpleasant over the last six months and we even discussed the possibility of cancer being the root cause.   When certain symptoms present together they have to consider that option, but after a slightly tense 24 hour wait, a fresh blood test put all our minds to rest that we didn’t need to go down that route.  Just as well as they were on standby to admit me to hospital immediately last Thursday and I’d much rather not spend my precious holiday in the care of the NHS!

It’s the first proper holiday Adrian and I have had in about five years and it’s a real opportunity to recharge the batteries.  We are in a remote, but stunningly beautiful part of the north west Highlands.  The house is only a couple of years old, ultra modern, quiet, super insulated, warm and cosy with an ever changing view of the sea from huge patio windows.  We haven’t switched on the TV since we got here, we’re just mesmerised by the sea.

Here’s a little watercolour I’ve called ‘First Impressions’

I’m out of practice, but I don’t care, the act of putting paint to paper has captured something of the view and it makes me smile to look at it.  I’ve started another, slightly larger one using PanPastels – it needs some detail added, but it’s been fun to use them just like paints, mixing and blending colours and using the palette knife tools to draw with.

The hills are covered in the most pure and vivid yellow gorse bushes and when the sun shines, the sea is as turquoise as the carribean.  I’d forgotten just how good for the soul natural beauty is and we are drinking in every little bit of it.

Oh and don’t worry, you can still get your chocolate fix thanks to Lesley and Val who are the wonderful engine behind Chocolate Baroque and doing a great job of keeping it all running super smoothly while we’re away – possibly even better without us getting under their feet!

Now where are those Tunnocks ….?