Tangling Time

It’s still very unpredictable weather here in the Highlands – you can see the weather moving across the distant hills – columns of cloud sweep over the skyline obliterating sections of the islands while the sun is shining here.  Then it flips around and the rain patters on the glass roof at the back of the house and you see the distant islands bathed in sunlight.  We’ve seen quite a few rainbows – often doubles.

We really are taking it super easy and enjoying every minute.

We found a little market in Poolewe yesterday and I fell in love with some hand thrown pottery.  I think we may invest in some to take home with us.  She had a limited range with her, so we’re hoping to pop into her studio sometime next week.  She told us it was in an out of the way little place called Logie near Ullapool and obviously didn’t expect us to have ever heard of it.  When we both said, ah yes we know where that is, she was so suprised, we explained it was the place we stayed on our honeymoon 15 years ago!

We spent most of today in the house, apart from a short walk along the beach at Melon Udrigle which is the northern headland of Gruinard Bay.  Although it was cold and slightly wet, it was lovely to just watch and listen to the surf gently pounding the rocks and the sand.

Back at the cottage, I got engrossed in some Zentangle doodling.  It’s still a work in progress, but I thought I’d show you where I’m up to.  This is an A4 sketchbook, so it’s quite big.  In the background the circles you see are textured fabric on a footstool which is what inspired me to start doodling this morning.

I’ve added subtle coloured shading using some pencils I’ve had for a while, but not used very much – Derwent Graphitint.  They are water soluble graphite pencils with a hint of colour, but because of the graphite, they are all very grey tones. They look particularly grey and pencil like before adding water, but the water brings out the colour.  I’m still getting to know them, but liking the range so far.  Then again, it’s a coloured pencil, what’s not to like?!

You might be amazed to hear that we still have half the pack of Tunnocks left – how good are we!  Yes, well before I polish the halo, I’ll just go and hide the locally baked lemon drizzle cake that we found at the market yesterday … ahem!

I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from our beach walk today.


Click on any of the photos for a larger view.  You can see more photos in my Flickr stream – just look for the Flickr photos in my side bar and click on any one to go look at the whole set.


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7 thoughts on “Tangling Time

  1. The sea on the rocks looks fabulous what a great photo and I love your zen tangle too. I’ve seen those graph tint pencils but I don’t have any so it’s interesting reading what you think of them. I’m so glad you are taking things easy and are enjoying a lovely relaxing time
    Take care
    Jackie x

  2. Oh my goodness, the Tunnocks wouldn’t have lasted that long here – and there’s only 1 of me!!!

    Thank you for reminding me about the lovely patterns created by the things that grow on the rocks, I’m so used to them that sometimes I forget to see them.

    I’m glad you’re there for another week, “my” island is a good bit lower down, but the rain has reached here tonight, and it looks like we’re in for a very wet couple of days, so maybe next week you’ll get a little more sunshine and some warmth! Well, we can but hope!

    Coral xx

  3. Lovely lovely photographs.Sounds like a stress free ‘do as you please’type holiday.Great fun browsing around markets spotting local arty talent. Love the zentangle-it is quite an awesome size,plenty of scope there for further patterning if it chucks it down outside. Then its an excuse for a cuppa and some lemon drizzle cake-not that you need an excuse Glenda!!!!!
    Love to you both xx joyce

  4. Now where have I seen that gull before (flickr photo)? It bears remarkable resemblance to a certain stamp!
    Great to see you’re having a super time – love your Zentangle & I have to agree…….who cannot like a pencil?
    Gorgeous detail in your photos & I love that rusty orange colour on the one from your beach walk. Doesn’t nature just provide such inspiration & colour juxtaposition. Take care & enjoy!
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Hi Glenda so pleased you are havng a lovely relaxing time. Your Zentangle is wonderful and as you said what’s not to like about a pencil. Lovely photographs and love the colours in the rock on your walk.

  6. Loving the photos Glenda, and your descriptions that go along with them. The Zentangling looks fabulous. I have those graphitint pencils, I love them, I’ve had mine for a long time, I’m an avid pencil collector, I’m afraid. I love them in their natural state, but love it when water is added to them as well.

    Judith xx

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