Woodland Friend

Just a quick post today to share a card I made recently.  I was getting to know my PanPastels, so I stamped the trees from Woodland Dreams onto some dictionary paper with Versamark and used the smallest applicators to colour them with the pastels.  It literally took minutes to do and I was impressed with how I was able to keep the dark brown of the branches and still fill in the trees with green.  I used a tearing ruler to trim the whole piece then dusted a dark brown around the edge and mounted onto an ivory card layer. The background paper is from Lesley’s Chic Script Set 1 which I printed onto ivory card and trimmed leaving a small ivory border showing.

The ‘Friend’ die cut (Sizzix) is chipboard painted with a layer of white paint.  I then sponged a little Glue ‘n’ Seal over it and after a couple of minutes, started to apply the PanPastel.  I rubbed the tool onto the pan to get a generous amount of the pastel loaded, then I pressed the tool onto the die cut, but deliberately didn’t rub.  The loose pastel transfers to the tacky glue and is held firmly in place.  I used three colours to give a graduated look and brushed off the excess with a soft brush.  The glue holds the colour in place, but the finish is soft and velvety.

And in case you were wondering, the colours you see are from a starter set of 20 colours which we will be getting on the website soon.  (The set of 5 tints are on their way too and should be back in stock next week.)

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has been asking how I am.  After my holiday post about dealing with pain, I’m pleased to say that I have now been pretty much pain free for the last 2 weeks, so we’ll see what the next cycle brings.  I’m just starting to do some yoga to try and get the old body a bit more supple, but I had to laugh at myself at the weekend trying to watch my ‘Yoga for inflexible people’ DVD.  The only space I had in my lounge meant I had my back to the TV and I’m definitely not that flexible!  We have now cleared space in our study where we have another TV, so I’ve got no excuses now.

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4 thoughts on “Woodland Friend

  1. Love the look of those trees on the dictionary paper – I’m utterly intrigued by the PanPastels & love the way you’ve matched the colours with the paper. The die-cut word is a beauty.
    Paula (PEP)

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