Well done Waist

Here’s a journal page created with PanPastels, Crafter’s Workshop Templates, polychromos pencils and acrylic paints.  The little poem is a reference to the fact that my hips are lagging a dress size behind my waist at the moment which makes trouser buying an interesting exercise.  (You can click on the image for a larger view.)  I used the pointy circles template in the background (I actually stencilled a little gel medium through it then rubbed pastel over when it was dry) and when I was doodling on the page, I used the spacing of the design to create the hourglass figure.  I wasn’t intending to draw a person, so her head is a little squashed onto the body to fit on the page.

It’s very clear to me that my journal pages are getting brighter and more lighthearted.  I wouldn’t say journaling has saved my life, but it certainly helped me cope with “stuff” and the pages dealing with it are literally as well as figuratively dark and messy.  OK, so they’re still messy, but so is life.  At least I’m viewing it through multi-coloured glasses these days (rose-tinted is so last year dah-ling!).

Tomorrow I have a Steampunkery sample and a review of the Ranger Inkssentials Speciality Stamping Paper, plus news of a giveaway …

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9 thoughts on “Well done Waist

  1. Fab journal page, love the hourglass figure. Pear shaped is supposed to be healthier than apple shaped if that’s any consolation. Judith xx

  2. Super pages & don’t worry – the hips will sort themselves out in time, it just takes them a little longer to redistribute since gravity is against them.
    Lots of things have been sinking in from the Design Workshop so I identify with the learning through artwork – I’m so pleased to see things looking brighter for you & Adian. I look forward to the stamping paper review too.
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Love the pages Glenda. I wish I could get the journaling bug as it looks like a great outlet but I just can’t ‘get it’ somehow 😉 I totally sympathise over the waist/hips problem with clothes. It has been a problem I’ve lived with since my teens, even when I was size 12 (boy that was a long time ago, lol). In fact I have the problem three times over ‘cos the top is one size, the hips one size down and the waist one size below that ………… result? I hate buying clothes!!! Hope your’s evens out eventually but you still look great.

    Lesley Xx

  4. I love your pages Glenda and really wish I could get into journalling but I’m a bit like Lesley although I have tried and managed the very rare page
    I hope your hips catch up soon, I’m sure they will

    I’m looking forward to our paper review

    Jackie x

  5. Thought your page was great – love all the colours and especially the message.

    Your lady is great too – you should do a digi.


  6. Great pages and love the masking for the backgrounds. Like others I can’t seem to get into the journalling thing either but it is obviously a good thing to do.

  7. Fab pages Glenda! It is interesting to look back and see how our lives have changed through our journaling, isn’t it?

    Might be annoying for buying trousers, but you’ve done brilliantly so far, and just think Marilyn Monroe – curvy is good! Now if only I could manage to reduce any part of my anatomy ………. !

    Coral xx

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