For Dads and cyclists

I had an idea for a crazy landscape featuring a number of the Steampunk stamps and while playing around with it, came up with this version for my Dad’s Father’s Day card.  He’s always been a keen cyclist and used to cycle competitively – even to the extent of shaving his legs I believe!  I used to cycle a lot myself when I was younger and can relate to the common desire to upgrade to the next model up.  For those who don’t know their bicycle history, the Victorian Gentleman featured here is riding a velocipede (the “boneshaker”) – an early model with the pedal attached to the front wheel.  It was mainly made of wood and was extremely uncomfortable, but when the Penny Farthing came out a few years later they were very expensive for the average man on the street.  Did you know the front wheel was custom made to suit the rider’s leg length?  No, I didn’t know that either – isn’t the Internet an amazing vat of trivia!?!

Anyway, Dad liked the card, but here is the original in full technicolour.  And I mean FULL on colour!

I originally intended folding it up and making it into a concertina book, but Adrian loves it so much, he’s asked me not to fold it, but just mount it up as it is.  If you click on it, you can see it at 1000 pixels wide if your screen goes that big.

The colouring is mainly Polychromos pencils, though the sky is PanPastels and the hills have some PanPastel on them too.  The sunburst is done with masking paper strips and pan pastels.  The paper is some thick watercolour paper that I’ve discovered is rubbish for actual watercolour, but it does take the PanPastels and pencils beautifully.  I learned one valuable lesson while colouring this – when colouring heavily with pencils, be careful if you rub over them.  While rubbing in the sky, some of the blue pencil from the balloon also got spread around.  Next time I will use my burnisher pencil over the top to ‘seal’ in the colour.

I know it’s a day late, but here’s to all the Dads – the loved ones and the missed ones.



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16 thoughts on “For Dads and cyclists

  1. ooooooo – oo! Love the technicolour landscape with the gorgeous gent (perhpas that should be handsome?) Now I do think you may have sorted a “V” for Alphataggers & I was intrigued by your info. Fascinating. Thanks for burnishing tips too…… shall remember that.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. This is fabulous and I can understand adrian not wanting you to fold the panoramic one!! My husband used to race and yes they did shave their legs!!

  3. This is fabulous Glenda I can fully understand why Adrian didn’t want you to fold the panoramic version and your card is great too.
    Thanks for the burnishing tips I will try and remember that

    Jackie x

  4. Good morning Glenda, what a fabulous idea for all fathers! In thoughts I will send it to my father who is ‘one of the missed ones’! Beautiful colouring and love the panoramic one, warm greet Miranda

  5. This is a great idea Glenda, I love the technicolour version. I have turned to burnishing lately rather than blending solution or leaving my pencils untouched. I prefer the finish. It would be a shame to fold this lovely picture.

    Judith xx

  6. Wow Glenda, what a stunning scene it would be a shame to fold it. Love the idea of combining the stamps with the chap on his bike, he’s perfect with them
    Claire xx

  7. The full-on techni-colour version is absolutely amazing – I love it. It definitely needs mounting up and being put where visitors can admire it. My Dad is one of the ‘missed ones’ and he would have had a good chuckle at that card. Thanks for your inspiration.

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