Tangled Heart

I’ve doodled for as long as I can remember, and it’s obviously a family trait – last weekend my Dad and I were comparing doodles!  His are more angular and mine tend to have more rounded shapes, maybe it’s a masculine/feminine tendency?  A few weeks ago, the subject of Zentangle came up on our weekly chat* and it intrigued people enough that I have started stocking Zentangle books and Pigma Micron drawing pens in the shop.

Zentangle is basically structured doodling.  It’s ideal for those who want to loosen up and don’t know how to doodle or where to start.  It’s also quite meditation-like once you get into it, so it can be a great counter to stress or take your mind off pain.  However, a word of caution – it can also lead to pain if you don’t make sure you are sitting comfortably and have good lighting (and the right glasses on).  Like colouring in, you need to be aware of what your shoulders are doing and if you find that you’re concentrating so hard that you’re hunched up and your shoulders are creeping up around your ears, then  you are setting yourself up for a nice little tension headache or a cricked neck.  I used to walk around my colouring workshops gently pressing down on my students shoulders to remind them to relax!

The Zentangle books are slim paperbacks with about 40 different ‘tangle’ patterns in each (there are 5 books on the site at the moment).  Some of the patterns that look complex are broken down into easy steps with very clear diagrams.  When I first got myself a Zentangle book (OK, I actually got the first three all together), I remember thinking the way the patterns were broken down was like learning how a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat – it’s so easy when you know how!

Cupcake stamp with Zentangle

Zentangle can be done beautifully in conjunction with stamping too.  Open line drawings can be filled in with tangles, or solid stamps can become part of a tangle.

And here’s one of my first attempts at Zentangle using a flower from a set that’s now been retired, but I’m sure you could so something similar with the new Sunny Sunflowers.

So I hope that’s de-mystified Zentangle for anyone who has been wondering what it was about and if you want to give it a go, I recommend starting with the Zentangle Basics book and a fine line waterproof pen.  And if you just like looking, you might also enjoy my Doodles board on Pinterest.


* We have a live chat at 8pm every Wednesday on the Chocolate Baroque Forum

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8 thoughts on “Tangled Heart

  1. I love your tangles Glenda, my pens and book 1 were waiting for me when I got in not long ago that’s brilliant service thank you. I’m looking forward to having a play over the weekend

    Jackie x

  2. I really like the Tangled Heart Glenda. The bit just above it reminds me of the chanter pipes from bagpipes! I’m sure it’s not really – or maybe it is – a reminder of your recent holiday!

    I’d love to have a go at zentangle, but it will need to wait for now, I’ve got too many other (crafty) things piling up that need to take priority.

    Can I just say that it was lovely to get the new newsletter, and what a fabulous photo of you on it!!! You look fantastic, well done on all the recent weight loss, you must be delighted. I’m about to embark on that myself, and you’re a great inspiration in so many ways.

    Thank you

    Coral xx

    Coral xx

  3. Reading this has just given me one of those electric jolts of excitement – I’m going to have to get my head round Pinterest I think. I can’t get the paper dolls project in Book 3 out of my head & was thinking about it on the way to do the shopping. I’ve never been able to doodle & have looked longingly at what others can do – I’ve kept thinking about that online chat night & what you mentioned about Zentangle being a way in. Reading the book over lunch I can see that the whole aspect of there not being mistakes will be ever ever so good for me too. Much food for thought.
    Have a wonderful weekend. I love the cupcakes – er….. thought that was a set I wasn’t going to buy!! Oh dear!
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Glenda, I love your Tangled heart image, it’s fabulous. Thank you for your explanation of Zentangling today, I am raring to go! It makes complete sense and will be very good to help me relax.

    Judith xx

  5. Really beautiful doodling Glenda and love all of them being a big fan of doodling myself.
    In fact if you pop over to my blog you’ll see how much I love doing it having designed my own blog background.
    Thanks for the inspiration and I might just do some more.
    Fliss x

  6. I really love your tangles Glenda , I am inspired to give it another try. It would be lovely to use with stamps as you suggest. Suexxx

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