13 thoughts on “Tangled Heart re-visited – in colour!

  1. It’s not really meant to be a Union Jack – it’s a tangle called Intersection, but it does look rather like the flag doesn’t it. I’ll have to do a red white and blue one!


  2. This is a feast for the eyes Glenda, the colours really pack a punch visually. I love the graduated oranges, and the coloured ‘plants’, I haven’t got to that book yet, lol! I really love this version. I am going through some of the earlier patterns, walking before I can run, but really enjoying myself.

    Judith xx

  3. Wow!!!! Even better than monochrome if that is possible.Reckon you had to concentrate hard and forgot all your worries when you did this one Glenda.Must have been very therapeutic[spelling looks wrong sorry!!!]Methinks the tag for Z is sorted along with all the other Tagees.
    A most wonderful piece of artwork Glenda.FAB. xx Joyce

  4. Wow – this looks great as a colour version and I love the graduations which bring it to life alongside the ‘plain’ colours.

  5. Oh what a beauty – I keep trying to run before walking but every time I wander off the path Judith’s words come back to me & I’m very very excited inside – learning heaps about all kinds of things unexpectedly.
    Thank you so so much for providing the means.
    Paula (PEP)

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