Stencilled Zentangle

Thank you to everyone for your heartfelt words and comments on the last post, we both appreciate each and every one.  It’s never easy losing someone and a kind word goes a long way.

I had intended showing you this last week, but there’s always a lot of stuff to sort out when someone dies and I know now how important it is to factor in more rest and more down time to compensate for the emotional drain.

As it happened, we mentioned this Dahlia stencil in last week’s Chocolate Baroque email and it was sold out by the end of the day.  We have more due in tomorrow, so I think it’s now safe to show you how I used it as a Zentangle outline.

Stencils are a really fun way to start off a Zentangle and the Dreamweaver stencils are made from metal, so they are easy to draw around with a fine liner. I used a 0.05mm Pigma micron marker to fill in each segment with pattern then coloured it with a mix of Copic and Promarkers.  I used greys and a colourless blender to add a subtle shadow (imaginary light source is coming from the top).

Stencils are made up of holes and sometimes the lines have to be broken otherwise the stencil will fall apart.  The thin gaps between segments are called ‘bridges’ and there are times when you may feel they interrupt the flow of a design – an example here is the tips of the petals.  After doing this design, I would prefer those tips to be connected, so another time I will make sure I draw to the end of the line, but not all the way around it, then when I remove the stencil, I can draw across where the bridges are and connect up the design.

If you want a more freehand look, draw in pencil then use a pen to go around the outline, connecting up the stencil segments as you go.  Use a broader nib and stay loose on the spirals and you’ll get a more spontaneous doodled look, like this:

Don’t do what I did though – wait for the ink to dry thoroughly before rubbing out your pencil lines or the wet ink will smudge and even lift off the paper slightly!

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4 thoughts on “Stencilled Zentangle

  1. I chuckled when I saw this particular stencil had sold out. I’m so thrilled to see you stocking Zentangle suitable stencils for it’s not always easy to choose a brand or a shape that is trustworthy unless one has some experience, so this is a great help in the tangling journey. I love the way you explain about the stencils too. Take care & I hope you are both getting the rest you need.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Your Dahlia is gorgeous Glenda, I’d gone to order it before I’d even seen your Zentangle! I have decided to look through some of my old craft stash to see if I have any old stencils lurking that might be suitable for tangling, so as well as buying new items, I can give my older items a new lease of life.

    Thinking of you and Adrian, hoping that you are getting some rest now. Judith xx

  3. That is beautiful. I’m very behind on my blog visits, so I didn’t know about Adrian’s mum until last night, I left a comment on his blog.

  4. I’m so pleased you’re now stocking Dreamweaver Stencils, for whatever application. They are super and my second favourite technique, after stamping – though one clever demonstrator I saw used them for that too!
    Your Dahlia is very beautiful. I hope your creativity brings you some solace at such a difficult time.

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