Let your dreams take flight

It’s been a funny couple of weeks and many ‘non-urgent’ activities have fallen to the bottom of the to do list.   I have a stack of unread emails in my inbox, a heap of unfinished projects, a messy house (hey, what’s new) and tumbleweeds rolling around the blog.

Adrian and I have a lot to sort out.  He is obviously still grieving – for both parents – and nothing but time makes that any easier. We haven’t started the job of clearing the house yet, but have had a fair bit of stuff to do, including finalising all the social services paperwork (we were on the ‘Direct Payments’ scheme, so have to sort out redundancy for the carer and reconcile the bank accounts – tedious, but necessary).  It’s the end of a chapter and the start of a whole new book for us.  Peeking through the grief we feel a sense of freedom and we know that our future is now full of choice and opportunity.

I may not be around blogging as much as I’d like in the immediate future.  I’m still making time to create – mainly introspective musings in my journal, workshop and retreat ideas (one of the many things that I’ve been reluctant to commit to before now) and quite a few magazine submissions.  Luckily for me, Chocolate Baroque has an amazing Design Team, so there will still be lots of inspiration coming your way over on the Design Team Blog.  I’ll try and interject some non-Christmas stuff this month in case you’re not quite ready to be thinking of that yet.

Here’s a simple one layer card that I made this morning.

I had used the Zinnia stencil with PanPastels on another project and laid it over a sheet of glossy card to clean it with a baby wipe.  The pastel to baby wipe ratio was just right to leave a beautifully softly coloured pattern (I tried it again a few times and it’s a bit hit and miss, but the key is to use glossy card).  I stamped over it with Memento (Teal Zeal), but stamped off on paper first to give a softer colour, then stippled around the edges and stamped the sentiment.  Stamps are all from Butterfly Dreams.

Says it all really!

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9 thoughts on “Let your dreams take flight

  1. What a beautifully soft and delicate card, Glenda! Gorgeous!

    I was very sorry to hear of your recent bereavement. Having lost both my parents quite recently, within 14 months of each other, and both to long term illnesses, I can tell you that it is very hard at first, but time certainly does make things easier. And yes, there is definitely relief, first and foremost that they are no longer suffering, but also for yourselves that the stress will now start to ease and you have the freedom to concentrate on your own lives. There will always be the sadness of loss, but that will be tempered by the many happy memories which I’m sure you will have.

    Sending both of you love and hugs,

    Lynne x

  2. It’s so important that you have time for yourself now – I’m just learning how freeing it is to have a little ongoing journal for artwork without the need to finish it into a card. I can understand the freedom too – it was something I became aware of after Mum died & I’d not have thought about. Take care with yourself & Adrian. Love this stencil work combined with the stamping & the colours are striking.
    Much love to you both
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Beautiful, soft & simple card, Glenda – yet, sooooo effective. Love it!

    It’s a tough time for both of you now, but give yourselves as much time for grieving & healing as you need. Be kind to yourselves & each other; & whilst enjoying all those good memories of Alma & Derrick, look to the future, too.

    Onward & upward, m’dear.

    Liz M xxx

  4. I can’t comment on the loss of a parent, but I know how strongly you two support each other through adversity and times of trial. As with any grief, I am sure that time, and fond memories are a great help. The paperwork and red tape must be very onerous at a time like this, but the flip side, seeing future opportunities and choices to be made, when you are ready will give you something to move towards.

    Your card is lovely, that swirl from Butterfly Dreams is my favourite by far. The size and design is just lovely, and in the teal ink against the soft turquoise is fabulous. I like the colour balance of the zinnia template.

    Judith x

  5. Your artwork is always beautiful – I would love to have been blessed with a quarter of your talent!!

    I have lost both of my parents over the last 4 years, and I am still grieving, it is a long long process and I can give no other advice than take the time you both need, love and support each other and it really does ease a little. xx Much love to you both. x

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