Save the Date – September 6th

I’m being extra quiet on the blog at the moment because there’s quite a bit going on behind the scenes at Chocolate Baroque right now.  I’m not spilling the beans quite yet, but please put a note in your diary to check in with us next week.  September 6th to be precise, next Thursday.  We have a bit of an online party going on (starting at 1pm UK time and going on until about 8-9pm at night) and I thoroughly recommend making sure you are following us in some way (see below) so you can be one of the first to know what’s going on and take advantage of some of the special offers we have on the day.

Here are just a few ways you can keep in touch with what’s going on.

  • Email list – if you get our weekly Chocolate Baroque emails, you’re already on the list and will be the first to hear the news.  If not, click here to sign up now
  • Design Team Blog – we will be blogging throughout the day so why not become a follower or subscribe to the blog feed
  • Chocolate Baroque Network – our fantastic community forum site with over 600 members
  • My blog – see the side bar for various ways to follow or subscribe to this blog
  • Facebook – visit the Chocolate Baroque page and ‘like’ us so our news feeds through to you
  • Twitter – follow me on Twitter for those succinct little 140 character announcements
  • Pinterest – just want  the eye candy – why not follow my Chocolate Baroque board on Pinterest

I’m so excited, but I’ve got to sit on my hands for a few more days …. can’t wait to share ….


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15 thoughts on “Save the Date – September 6th

      1. You don’t need to do anything Margaret. I suspect you got a message to say your comment would be moderated – that just means I have to approve it before it appears on the blog. Glenda

  1. I will be out on the River Tyne on a boat trip on Thursday!!!!!.Will have to join in during evening-hope I don’t miss out on lots of fun.xx Joyce

  2. hope there is something left for the evening, as will be at hospital in the afternoon – may have to take the car in, so that i can catch some of the afternoon fun, and reduce the curiosity level somewhat……….

  3. Will be in Holland celebrating our Wedding Anniversary so will miss all the fun and excitement. Have a wonderful day, everyone.

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