The morning after the night before

Well what can I say – WOW!  I am totally and completely blown away by your response to yesterday’s new launch.  As I said on the late chat last night, it has been in the planning since January and we have been through a number of problems and setbacks which had us questioning whether we had done the right thing.

I think I mentioned at one point yesterday that this is a trial and that is true in the sense that we are trying to do this ourselves and keep the manufacturing here in Britain, rather than have them produced by cheap labour out in the far east.  We are absolute sticklers for quality and one of our frustrations over the last few months has been getting the manufacturing process right.  Polymer is proving much trickier than rubber to get right and Adrian is a perfectionist!  He is currently … (trying to think of a suitable phrase that doesn’t involve bricks and intimate bodily functions) … ‘concerned’ about meeting the immense demand that we have stirred up with yesterday’s shenanigans.

We hope to start shipping the stamps next week – we’ve had an amazing response and I almost fell off my chair when I checked orders this morning, then realised lots of you are taking advantage of Lesley’s free polka dot download.  I will say though that quality takes precedence over speed, we will only ship them if they pass Adrian’s stringent quality checks and if that means they take longer to produce, then so be it.

So a huge thank you to everyone who got involved yesterday – the comments on the blog posts are just lovely and have given us all a real boost.  If you missed all the fun yesterday, you still have until next Thursday to take advantage of the offers and giveaways – here’s the summary:

Special Offers:

  • Free UK Shipping all week (ends Thursday 13th)
  • New Clearly Better Inkpads – reduced from £3.99 to £3.20 this week (ends Thursday 13th)
  • Free Polka Dotty paper download – (full price from Friday 14th)


Coupon Code Promotions:

  • PRE12 – 10% off all clear stamps pre-ordered this week (ends Thursday 13th)
  • AB20 – 20% off our acrylic blocks (ends Thursday 13th)
  • ECP15 -15% off Essential Card Pack

Coupon codes must be entered in the coupon box at checkout.  You MUST put the code in to get the discount and you can enter one after the other – just press ‘Go’ after each one.  (If you are in the UK or EU, you might be confused by the discount amount showing – its VAT making things complex.  It’s one of the quirks of our website, but it all works out correct in the end – trust me!)

Have a great weekend everyone – I’m off to a big family do for my Dad’s 80th birthday!

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10 thoughts on “The morning after the night before

  1. Glad to hear the new stamps are going down so well Glenda, but I’ m not at all surprised as they are fab! I’m sure Adrian will rise to the challenge atlhough he’ll probably be dreaming about clear stamps by the time he’s finished
    Have a great weekend
    Claire xx

  2. Gutted I missed the whole shebang!!!!! Will take time to go through all the offers today.My head is in a whirl so I can’t imagine how you can unwind after that busy day Glenda.
    Enjoy the party. xx Joyce

  3. I’m so pleased the clear stamps are doing well Glenda but not at all surprised as they are fabulous, if they take a bit longer to produce then so be it as we know you won’t compromise on the excellent quality you always provide. I’m sure Adrian will cope admirably with the challenge and hope it doesn’t cause him to loose too much sleep.
    Have a great weekend
    Jackie x

  4. Take care all of you & Congratulations. Your priorities of excellence over quantity are at the heart of an efficient service for in the long run there will be less problems. Thanks for an amazing launch & the brilliant balance of designs in this initial launch. The planning & thought that went into this is evident in both the designs themselves & the range of designs – plus the way they will co-ordinate with the existing rubber.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)

  5. Hi Glenda

    Are you having problems with your website, as unable to get on yesterday and today, would you kindly let me know, regards Annette

  6. Love the card above, Glenda. So glad I’ve ordered that set, and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. But I would much rather wait a bit longer for a quality product, which I know yours will be, than have something cheap and inferior. So tell Adrian not to get stressed about it. I’m sure we will all be patient, and it will be worth waiting for!

    Lynne x

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