Let your heart sing

Last week I was having a little play with one of our older sets of stamps and some masking techniques.  I often use torn paper for my masks, but I was inspired by the work of Heather Telford whose masking is very crisp and precise, so I came up with this using masks cut with scissors and a punched circle for the sun.

When Adrian saw it, he thought it was amazing and I thought, aha, I can do a version of this for his birthday card!  His favourite colour is green, so this is what I came up with for him.

I used our new clear stamp set ‘Best Relative Ever’ for the sentiment which is stamped over a scrap of spritzed card (left over from my previous play session).

I don’t need to explain how this is done as Heather actually has a great photo tutorial on her blog today showing how she does her sponged layers – well worth a look if you haven’t done this before.

Imagine this done in halloween colours – that blackbird could easily be a raven …


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8 thoughts on “Let your heart sing

  1. I’ll have a look at that tutorial too as I was working on masking the last couple of days & the torn edges were getting caught up in the ink. I had to smile – that bird has many names……..I made him a Starling. Adrian’s card is gorgeous with those colours of the hills.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. Beautiful Glenda, you’ve really created a lot of depth with the sponging and masking and the finished cards are stunning. I’d never have thought of using that as a Halloween stamp but it would be perfect
    Claire xx

  3. Lovely Glenda and I am sure that Adrian is very happy with it! Always love the sponging effect to make scenery’s and the sentiment ‘Let your heart sing’ is so beautiful! Once I had a teacher that said to me; do the things that makes your heart sing’ and he is right!
    warm greet to you both, Mirandax

  4. Lovely cards, Glenda, and so nice to be able to personalise. This is one of my favourite stamps, as it works for so many people, birdwatchers, music lovers, men and just about everybody. I also like the way you can create any background and then just stamp over the top.
    The masking and sponging is a lovely effect.

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