Bouncy Bauble Cards

Well we finally have some kind of patchy internet working at home, but we have a very strange thing on the actual phone line.  We have two voice lines active at the same time – double trouble!  I discovered this when contacting our insurance company (call centre) and had the interesting situation where the call was picked up, yet carried on ringing at the same time.  I then ended up getting two call centre people on the line at the same time and with stereo echoes on every single noise it is impossible to carry on any kind of conversation.  Turns out we can’t get incoming calls at all, so there’s definitely still a pretty major fault on the line.  They’re now telling me it will be fixed by next Tuesday.  There’s heavy rain forecast, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets worse before it gets better!

So while I have a window of internet opportunity, I’m blogging some pics from Amsterdam, as I promised the ladies in my workshops that I would.

You can see each of the cards in detail on my Flickr photostream.  I’d like to say a big hello to all the ladies who attended the three classes – it was great fun and Nathalie has already asked me to go back next Spring.

Nathalie’s shop is De Posthumus Winkel which is a beautiful shop.  As well as art stamps, they also specialise in letterpress, seals and sealing wax and commercial stamps.

If you want to see inside the shop click here for an interactive site where you can use your mouse to pan around and see the interior.  You start with a shot of our stamps!

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and Adrian really enjoyed having a couple of free days with no objective, no agenda, just time to relax and enjoy himself.  He took some great photos and even did a bit of clothes shopping – an activity that doesn’t normally come high on his list of favourite things to do.

I didn’t have time to shop so he also spoiled me rotten, buying me treats from a stationery shop called Cortina Paper and another called Vlieger. He bought me a couple of lovely journals, two Fabriano watercolour paper pads some sheets of printed papers – the prints included Amsterdam houses, old wooden rulers, oriental script and vintage travel.  Do I have him well trained or what?!

I did manage 20 minutes in Vlieger myself on Saturday before it closed and could happily have been locked in there for the rest of the weekend …. It is one of those old fashioned arty paper shops with the smell of an old bookbinders and rows of thin paper shelves crammed with large sheets of printed papers.  Definitely need to go back and spend more time in Amsterdam.

I’m working at home today so hoping this internet connection stays stable … fingers crossed!

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5 thoughts on “Bouncy Bauble Cards

  1. Oh Glenda, I do feel for you with all your internet/phone problems! We had the same here for months, and although it’s working right now I could happily strangle BT most of the time!!!

    I’d forgotten how good Holland is for craft shops. I was in one – oh dear, it’s over 40 years ago now! – and they had all sorts of fascinating things which I was very taken with. I must plan a trip to Amsterdam next year and take advantage of all the goodies there.

    Love the gorgeous cards your ladies made, you do design fabulous stamps!

    Coral xx

  2. Hi Glenda, I took a closer look at your cards at your Flickr site. Oh my ! I LOVE the backgrounds ! I’m so happy that I have the Bauble set, will get them back out to play some more ! I also love Amsterdam and looking forward to my next trip ! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time & the cards look superb – those backgrounds are amazing.
    You definitely have a very knowledgeable husband – mine glazes over at the mention of gsm.
    Hope you get that phone fault sorted.
    Paula (PEP)

  4. Having internet/phone problems ourselves so I know how cut off you can feel Glenda – hope it’s all sorted out soon.
    Love the bouncy baubles cards – the stamps are gorgeous and are perfect for this!
    When I saw this post I was delighted as the very first stamps I ever bought came from De Posthumus Winkle when we were in Holland and had a day to visit Amsterdam … that was 12 years ago! I was a cross stitcher and not into stamps the way I am now then but loved the stamps and couldn’t resist buying them. They sat in a drawer for a long time until I found them again and the rest is history! I’m really pleased to see how little it has changed in many ways and hope I can visit again soon (it was a real treat to ‘look around’ inside so thank you so much for that) – I’ll be heading straight for all the lovely Chocolate Baroque stamp sets when I do!

  5. Sounds wonderful, Glenda – takes me back to the old days of UK Paperarts – remember them? Gosh, I used to so love your artwork. I’m glad I found you again.

    You’ve changed your hair and I think I would have walked past you – but you look GOOD, glad to say. Hope you’re well and doing well. Will try to keep up to date with what’s happening.

    Cath x

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