I’m back

I’ve been having a break from blogging while I figure out how it fits in to my new life as an artist.  I plan on spending more time in front of an easel than a computer screen, so I am not going to be blogging every day.  The plan is to mix up my own writing and artwork with quotations, photography and other artistically inspiring links.

I’ve spent quite some time getting to grips with some of the more technical aspects of WordPress so I can take advantage of the latest features and make the site visually interesting and easy to navigate.  You should find the site is fully responsive to the device you are viewing it on, so it will scale down for phones and scale right up for large screen displays.

This is my personal blog – if you are interested in buying any of my art, then please take a look at our business website, Portpatrick Studios, where you can find some original work as well as high quality giclee prints and greetings cards.

So thanks for your patience during the dry spell and hope you enjoy the new look and new content that’s to come.  You’ll see share icons on posts and pin it buttons on pictures, so please feel free to share on your favourite social media.

Why Journal?

journal what if

I have been asked why I keep an art journal.  What is journaling all about, why bother?

My own reasons for journaling grew out of my teenage diaries.  Growing up, my diary was my confidante, the recipient of the most dreadful, melodramatic teenage angst ever written.  One rather traumatic event became a recurrent theme and acting on pure instinct, I made a decision to burn all of my diaries when I was seventeen.  It was cathartic and instantly put everything into perspective.  I didn’t realise at the time what a smart move that was, but my older and wiser self knows that venting the feelings was important, but letting go was absolutely essential to allow me to grow up.

2013 Happify Journal02

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