002/100 Second lino cut

I have been working on another lino cut of the Zebrette jug, from a slightly different angle. I have new lino and new tools which has made it easier to cut. I have been trying to get a cleaner look, but my bookpress a little tricky as you can’t be consistent with the pressure.

I have also used linseed oil based ink this time, so if I want to hand colour them afterwards, I should be able to do that with no risk of the ink smearing.

I got Adrian to take some photos so I could show you some of the process.

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After the first couple of proofs, I decided to clean out the background some more and ended up cutting away the background entirely from the top part.


It’s going to take a while to get to 100 at this rate, but things should speed up a bit as I plan to try some monoprints and collographs next.



001/100 Zebrette Lino Print

I finished my first lino cut and had a little printing session with it.

I’m keeping notes on some of them so I know what went wrong or right and in particular, what papers work well.

Keeping notes

Here’s the results of the first session.

You can click on any of the images above to see a larger version, but you’ll need to click Back to return.  (I’m still looking for a decent gallery plug-in for WordPress that won’t slow it right down.)

I used a waterbased block printing ink from Speedball which I discovered is not waterproof when dry.  The final print with the yellow background was where I discovered this.  I decided to enhance this print – it was the lightest of all of them and looked quite bitty because of the textured watercolour paper I’d used.  I added some shading with coloured pencils, and strengthened the black pattern on the jug with a marker, then decided to add the yellow paint to the background.

As soon as the dried ink came into contact with moisture, it just woke right up and started blending – eek, not what I was expecting.  But I just took it carefully with the paint and managed to get the colour added without too much of the black blending in.  Then I thought I’d take advantage of it and used a wet paintbrush to go over the black pattern again and the foreground.  I’m happy with how it’s turned out and I think the coloured background really makes the white of the jug pop.

I’ve started my second one with fresh lino and new tools and oh, what a difference!

100-002 printmaking01


PS – I have tweaked a cache setting to try and make the blog a bit faster to load – anyone notice any difference?

Zebrette Lino Print – a start

I’ve made a start on my 100 artwork challenge with a lino cut of a jug.  I have a small collection of 1950s black and white ceramics in a pattern called Zebrette and this jug came from Bob and Dot, my great Uncle and Aunt and started me off collecting this pattern.  I have always loved the sleek yet bulbous shape of the jug, like an elongated pear.


lino cutting

Lino cutting is not a quick process and I’m using a piece of lino that is about 15 years old and it is so dry, it’s more like carving wood.  I’m enjoying the process though and happy to be finally using something I’ve been hoarding for so long.  I have an intriguing piece of clear lino to try out which I found a few weeks ago in Kirkudbright.  I’m guessing it’s some kind of polymer and it feels very soft, so it will be interesting to see how that comes out.

The lino is sitting on a bench hook in these photos which is a very useful piece of kit.  It is made from MDF and has a lip on the underside that you push up to the table edge.  It is then braced and cannot slide across the table.  The strips of MDF along the top and side stop the lino slipping off, so you can cut away from yourself and everything stays in place where you want it.

So, no actual prints to show yet, but I’ve made a start, I’m documenting it (also part of the challenge) and that’s what’s important.


Workshops for 2015

I have finally got some classes put together ready to teach here in my own studio in Portpatrick, so I’m delighted to announce the line up for April to June. These classes are not being run through Chocolate Baroque, this is a separate venture with class fees payable directly to me, so please check out the details of how to book below.

April Workshops

Workshops April 2015

Mixed Media for Beginners
Friday 24th April

A technique play day to get you familiar with a selection of mixed media products.

Working on postcards and shipping tags, we will explore materials, learn about grounds and mediums and experiment with image transfers.

Mixed Media Affirmation Wood Blocks
Saturday 25th April

mixed media blocks03

Create a pair of home décor blocks featuring empowering affirmations or inspiring quotations.

We will use a whole range of media to add texture, colour and designs to our blocks, and finish them with stamped or printed words that mean something special.

Rainbow Tag Book
Sunday 26th April

Explore inks, paints, stencils and stamps to create a colourful mixed media tag book made from shipping tags.

We will get inky with Distress products and mix in stamps, stencils, embellishments and haberdashery to create a unique reflection of your own personal rainbow.

May Workshops

Workshops May 2015

Gelli Plate Printing Playday
Friday 8th May

Explore the basics of Gelli plate mono printing including which inks and paints to use and what papers and surfaces to print onto.

We will start with the basics of Gelli plate mono printing then take it to the next level by exploring techniques to create texture and surface pattern.

Gelli Printing – Postcards from the Seaside
Saturday 9th May

We will use found objects such as shells, driftwood and pebbles to inspire a day of monoprinting with the Gelli plate.

Our objects will be the starting point for creating stencils and texture plates which we will use with the gelli plate to create a collection of seaside inspired postcards.

Mixed Media Girl Canvas
Sunday 10th May

Hawaiian Girl Canvas2

Think you can’t draw or paint a portrait? Let me show you a few ‘cheats’ that will get you started. Working with stamps, stencils and a couple of other tricks, we will create a beautiful mixed media girl canvas you can be proud of.

June Workshops

Workshops June 2015

Simple Bookbinding for beginners
Friday 12th June

Learn some of the fundamental bookbinding techniques through three simple book structures.

Create a meandering accordion book, a Japanese stab bound book and a stitched watercolour journal.

Happiness Art Journal
Saturday 13th June

Bring along a blank journal and we will turn it into your ‘happify’ book. Only things that make you happy go into this journal, so feel free to bring along photos or mementos that invoke happy feelings.

Art Journal Explorations
Sunday 14th June

This is a class for people with some experience of art journaling or those who are just starting out and really want to understand the benefits that journaling can bring.

We will go deep, and explore both the visual and the writing side of journaling with a mixture of creative techniques, thoughtful prompts and guided writing.


Workshop Information

  • Classes costs £55 including a delicious,healthy buffet lunch, drinks, snacks and all class materials. We can accommodate special dietary requirements, just let us know when you book.
  • A minimum of 4 people is needed for the class to run, the maximum is 8.
  • Classes run 10am – 3pm and I would ask you to be here by 9.30 so we can have a cuppa, get settled and start promptly at 10.
  • All classes take place in my studio in Portpatrick, Scotland
  • The studio is on the first floor up a flight of stairs. I regret that means we are unable to accomodate wheelchair users.
  • Classes are not residential, so you will need to arrange your own travel and accommodation.
  • Workshop students will get a discount coupon code for online shopping at Chocolate Baroque, but these classes are not being sold through Chocolate Baroque – class fees are payable directly to me via PayPal.

How to Book

Please click here to send me an email or a send me a private message on Facebook with the following:

  • name and date of the class you would like to book
  • your email address
  • contact phone number

I will send you a booking confirmation and PayPal invoice for the class.

Once payment is received, I will email you a receipt and detailed travel directions and any other relevant information.



If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here in the comments, or get in touch via email or Facebook.





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