Quick Kitten Fight

Lazy Days

I am thoroughly winding down and enjoying my home holiday.  I’m just pottering about looking after kittens and sorting out the huge backlog of domestic jobs that seem to have built up.  The utility room is now tidy, clean and sorted which apart from anything else makes it much easier to spot a stray kitten.  I’ve tidied up the craft room a bit and have plans to spend some time in there tomorrow, but it’s definitely a no go zone for kittens, there’s just too much tempting stuff in there for them to completely destroy.

The downside of young kittens is definitely the poop.  Especially when they are half asleep and realise they need to go, but can’t remember where the litter tray is.  How one kitten can actually contain so much of the stuff is beyond me and the change of diet is obviously taking some getting used to for their poor little intestines.  We’re onto our third brand of cat litter now as the odour control version very definitely did NOT do what it said on the pack, the self clumping stuff doesn’t actually clump very well so we’re onto the wood based stuff which has a much better pine smell to start with.  Hopefully tomorrow, my covered litter tray with cat flap and odour filter will be arriving, together with a cute little scratchy toy thing for them.  My final word on the subject (I promise) is shag pile carpet plus kitten poop – NOT fun!  I’m buying shares in carpet shampoo …

They are both fast asleep now, worn out by all their energetic pouncing and bouncing.  Adrian  has discovered his vocation in life – giant cat climbing  frame.

The great playground of Adrian

Er, that's getting a little too close for comfort Miss Trillian

*@%^! your claws are sharp!



Check back tomorrow for another bouncing pouncing cute video.  And if they give me some peace, maybe some more Christmas cards.

Dogs and workshops

There we were having our breakfast last week, when Adrian spotted a pair of dogs in the garden!  The black labrador wasn’t impressed and told us in no uncertain terms that he had been in the habit of regarding the garden as his own and could we please let him get on with his search for the perfect stick.

The little terrier was a lot friendlier and enthusiastically offered to rid the garden of rabbits, squirrels and any other such creatures he could find.  Sure enough about two seconds after taking this photo, he flushed out a rabbit and proceeded to chase it out of the garden, across the road and into a field full of startled bullocks.  The rabbit got away, so he came back full of gusto to see if he could find some more.

Next thing we heard a rather muffled yelping and realised he (or she) had got trapped behind some loose wire netting that has come away from the wall.  A choking sound made us both panic slightly, so I waded through the undergrowth to do my dog rescue bit.  (Well it makes a change from lambs!)

When I finally managed to ease back the wire trellis and see in behind the clematis it is supporting, the dog was not in any distress whatsoever, but had it’s head down another rabbit hole, whimpering with frustration at not being able to reach his prey.  Ten more minutes of trying to get this dog out of the garden ended in failure and we had to go to work, leaving our garden at the mercy of one very tenacious terrier.

They turned up again this morning and it was my turn to explain to them that it’s our garden now and we’ll deal with the rabbits ourselves, thank you very much.

I am actually quite surprised that it was last Wednesday when I put that picture up.  I had intended finishing the story on Wednesday night, but I was busy prepping a Christmas card making class for Thursday.  It went well, I think the ladies all enjoyed themselves.

Then Friday I was prepping up a class for Saturday. Saturday I was teaching all day and Sunday … well Sunday’s story will have to wait for another day, it’s … complex.

So here we are on Monday and I’m just finishing off last Wednesday’s story … what on earth has happened to the space time continuum?  I’m sure it worked better than this when I was in my twenties.

Anyway, I’m off to the craft room now to do some prep for this week’s workshop – Mixed Media and Collage stamping.

I’ll leave you with a picture of one of the Christmas cards we made on the class – I was rather pleased with this one.

The Right Honourable Dog, M’Lud

Well hot diggity dawg, who are YOU?

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