Smokey and the Bandit

Monday is usually a good bunneh-watch day as I work from home on a Monday, so I can keep the camera to hand ready to snap any likely wildlife.  However these bunnies have been evading me all weekend and it seems they like to pose for Adrian as he managed to snap these two this morning.

Don’t you just want to scritch that cute little belly!!

I’m delighted to see the Essence of Nature contest entries rolling in – I tried to leave some comments over the weekend, but Blogger got a bit shirty with me and kept telling me there was a problem, so I will have another go when there’s less internet traffic, see if that helps.

Meanwhile, I’m incredibly frustrated that I haven’t got a lot to show you art wise at the moment.  I’m working on loads of stuff and have been churning it out, but it’s either for new stuff that isn’t released or it’s for my online classes which I can’t share either.

However, here’s a card that was made last year that the Guild had in their newsletter, but I don’t think I ever showed it here.

It was made with this stamp set called Bird Song.

It’s a lovely little set and I just realised while looking it up that it’s on special offer at the moment.  Well there you go, I honestly hadn’t remembered that when I picked out the photo.

Well I better get back to all that work I mentioned, but I might just have a quick bunneh check first …

Three from one

What a difference daylight makes!  The top photo is the one I showed you last night, taken in artificial light with the flash on the camera.  I left the cards where they were and today took another photo in natural light with no flash.  As you can see there’s quite a difference in colour – well there is on my monitor, but of course you are probably seeing something slightly different to me as monitors vary in how they output colour.  (You can click on any of the cards to see them larger.)

It’s hard to say which is the truest colour as they both look right. Anyway, the point is these three cards were all made from one sheet of A4 paper printed from the Essence of Nature CD.

The thank you card is one I bought ages ago from Craftwork cards, with the word already die cut out.  I stamped over it with the tail feathers from the curly birds stamps, stuck a strip of the patterned card behind and embellished with a hand made flower.

The middle card also has a Craftwork Cards product on – the foiled birthday wishes panel which is layered onto a piece of brayered card with a Prima Gallery Rose.  I have to say the rose looks much less coordinated in the photo, it’s a much better colour match in real life.

Finally the 8×8 card features a stamped UTEE panel on a brayered background.  I drew a rough circle with a Versamark pen and coloured it in, dipped the card in Bronze UTEE and heated it.  That was repeated three times to build up a thick layer – each time a few stray specks always manage to get added which creates the dotty effect round the edge.  I then stamped into the final layer before it cooled with the moonlit bird stamp.

So there you go, three cards with just a tiny snipped of patterned card left over.

Now as for Smokey smashing flowerpots, well he didn’t exactly smash the flowerpot in yesterday’s picture, the winter frost did most of the work, but he and several other bunnehs are responsible for it’s current state of total collapse.  You see they seem to love jumping onto the pots and digging out whatever is in them.