Wakey wakey

Come on Miss Sleepyhead, wake up.

NO!  Go ‘WAY!  I need more SLEEP!

Tschja, kids eh!

Calico Cat

Remember this fine lady?  She’s all grown up now, though she does still have her mad kitten moments.

I caught her in a patch of sunlight in my craft room today – she is still fascinated by anything that dangles and that’s the tapes of one of my aprons you can see hanging on the back of the door.

Of course little Miss Innocent pretends she’s just paused to catch a sunbeam and have a little wash.

I love that almost symmetrical diamond of black and ginger on the back of her head.  Did you know that calico colouring only occurs in female cats.  Our friend Nick has a PhD in something genetic (brilliant mind, working on cancer research) and he explained it all to me when he met the kittens last year.  A fascinating genetic mutation I think he described it as.  Something to do with females having both X and Y chromosomes and males only having X.  I do wish I could retain scientific facts and trot them out like I know what I’m talking about, but that’s not how my brain works.  Show me a black white and ginger cat and I can match those shades of ginger with an inkpad or copic marker though!  I think I’m wired for colour.

Meanwhile Trillian finally responds to the clicking noises I’m making to try and make her look up at the camera.  Yes!  Got you amber eyes…

Forgotten Friday – Filigree Fusion

One of the Chocolate Baroque Design Team members, Judith, came up with the idea of Forgotten Friday a while ago and I have always thought it was a really good idea – to dig out something from your stash you have forgotten about and make a card with it.

Filigree Fusion stamps

Well tonight I was tidying up and I came across a box from my days on TV when I would go to the studio armed with dozens of prep packs to demonstrate with.  This particular box was obviously from the show where we launched the Filigree Fusion and Fantasy Floral stamp sets to go with the matching CDs we already had.

It’s been a long time since I actually looked at those CDs or stamps before I knew it, I found myself stroking scraps of paper and arranging colours together.  Then I remembered about Judith’s Forgotten Friday and the next thing I knew, I’d finished a card!

The background paper is from the Filigree Fusion CD and the cream and blue panel is done by stamping one of the ornate leaf designs with Adirondack Denim Dye ink, then brushing over with water to bleed the ink into the image.

The flower is Crealies Flower 20 with leaves from Shapes 11 and the sentiment is from Butterfly Flourish, cut out with a new McGill punch I treated myself to recently.

Life is pretty full at the moment with family, work and teaching and I don’t seem to be getting much time for blogging.  The good news is that the hospital want to get Derrick back home and are waiting for a bed to become available at the local hospital so he can get some more rehab as he can’t stand on his own two feet unaided yet.  He has yet another infection, but so far is coping ok with a mild dose of antibiotics and we’re hoping it won’t get any worse.

We spent a lovely day with my Dad and some of the family last weekend.  Three of my nephews were there as my sister is in the very final stages of completing a PhD and her Mum has her kids every weekend at the moment.  Isn’t it great being able to hand other people’s kids back at the end of the day!  Three boys aged 3 and a half, 16 months and almost 4 – it’s exhausting just watching them.  My brother’s partner is expecting again in January, so family get togethers are going to get even more chaotic.

And our own little girl appears to have reached adolescence – she has had her first fight and is sporting a Zorro like scar across her sweet little face.  In cat terms, that means she stood her ground, as our vet once told us.  If they have battle scars on the face and neck, then they probably won the fight.  If they are on the rump or tail, then they were fleeing and are definitely the losers.  Which fits totally with the fact Sesame was the hard boiled one and had face, eyes and ears shredded on occasion, while Basil was always the one with bites on his tail.

I’m actually not too worried and I rather suspect that her opponent was not in fact another cat, but more likely a thorn bush of some kind.  The scratch is not very deep, but shows up quite dramatically against her white fur.  There’s no heat or smell and no swelling that I can see, so I’m not going to subject her to the stress of a vet trip unless it gets worse.

Right, I’m heading over to the DT blog now to announce a long overdue blog candy winner!

Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack

Trillian, showing off her ginger spot.

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