Trillian’s new house

When I first introduced Trillian on the blog (almost four years ago), I was warned by several people that calico cats are all bonkers and I have to say our little girl conforms to type.  The shower in our new house, apart from being a wonderful size, has a shower tray with embossed dots on it and it took a while for Trillian to realise they weren’t as mobile as she obviously hoped.

We let her out for the first time here just yesterday and it took her all of three minutes to express her gratitude with a poor little mouse.  We were following her closely around the garden, so were able to rescue it and return Trillian to the house in disgrace.


office cat

Psychotic killing machine? Moi??

I know you’re dying to see more pics of the studio and I promise I will oblige soon, but I’ve been focusing more on the office end of the room first.  It’s definitely coming together though and it’s a great feeling.

A crazy calico cat

trillian box

It’s been a while since you saw anything of Trillian, so I thought I’d give you an update.

She loves to hang out in the craft room

Trillian craft cat

especially if she can catch a sunbeam.

Trillian sunbeam

She’s healthy and crazy as ever and expects complete subservience from human slave no.1 and 2.   She likes to remind us from time to time of our inevitable fate if we don’t comply with her every whim:

The poor hapless victim is a Kong Wubba mouse which I have to say is one of the most robust cat toys we’ve ever found.  You can get them on Amazon – and no, that’s not an affiliate link of any kind, I am just genuinely impressed with any toy that can survive the kind of abuse Trillian gives this one!

She is not a very cuddly cat, but displays her affection with a casual nudge of the head as she weaves around your ankles.  Unless you have treats of course, in which case she will reach up and hold your hand in both her front paws and nibble the treat from your fingers in a very endearing way.

But you live with the consequences if you forget to put the treats away.



She declined the opportunity to be interviewed for the blog, but her agent did issue the following statement:


I think that means “hi”, but it could also mean “feed me”.  Yeah, probably the latter …





Wakey wakey

Come on Miss Sleepyhead, wake up.

NO!  Go ‘WAY!  I need more SLEEP!

Tschja, kids eh!

Calico Cat

Remember this fine lady?  She’s all grown up now, though she does still have her mad kitten moments.

I caught her in a patch of sunlight in my craft room today – she is still fascinated by anything that dangles and that’s the tapes of one of my aprons you can see hanging on the back of the door.

Of course little Miss Innocent pretends she’s just paused to catch a sunbeam and have a little wash.

I love that almost symmetrical diamond of black and ginger on the back of her head.  Did you know that calico colouring only occurs in female cats.  Our friend Nick has a PhD in something genetic (brilliant mind, working on cancer research) and he explained it all to me when he met the kittens last year.  A fascinating genetic mutation I think he described it as.  Something to do with females having both X and Y chromosomes and males only having X.  I do wish I could retain scientific facts and trot them out like I know what I’m talking about, but that’s not how my brain works.  Show me a black white and ginger cat and I can match those shades of ginger with an inkpad or copic marker though!  I think I’m wired for colour.

Meanwhile Trillian finally responds to the clicking noises I’m making to try and make her look up at the camera.  Yes!  Got you amber eyes…

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