Woodland Friend

Just a quick post today to share a card I made recently.  I was getting to know my PanPastels, so I stamped the trees from Woodland Dreams onto some dictionary paper with Versamark and used the smallest applicators to colour them with the pastels.  It literally took minutes to do and I was impressed with how I was able to keep the dark brown of the branches and still fill in the trees with green.  I used a tearing ruler to trim the whole piece then dusted a dark brown around the edge and mounted onto an ivory card layer. The background paper is from Lesley’s Chic Script Set 1 which I printed onto ivory card and trimmed leaving a small ivory border showing.

The ‘Friend’ die cut (Sizzix) is chipboard painted with a layer of white paint.  I then sponged a little Glue ‘n’ Seal over it and after a couple of minutes, started to apply the PanPastel.  I rubbed the tool onto the pan to get a generous amount of the pastel loaded, then I pressed the tool onto the die cut, but deliberately didn’t rub.  The loose pastel transfers to the tacky glue and is held firmly in place.  I used three colours to give a graduated look and brushed off the excess with a soft brush.  The glue holds the colour in place, but the finish is soft and velvety.

And in case you were wondering, the colours you see are from a starter set of 20 colours which we will be getting on the website soon.  (The set of 5 tints are on their way too and should be back in stock next week.)

I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who has been asking how I am.  After my holiday post about dealing with pain, I’m pleased to say that I have now been pretty much pain free for the last 2 weeks, so we’ll see what the next cycle brings.  I’m just starting to do some yoga to try and get the old body a bit more supple, but I had to laugh at myself at the weekend trying to watch my ‘Yoga for inflexible people’ DVD.  The only space I had in my lounge meant I had my back to the TV and I’m definitely not that flexible!  We have now cleared space in our study where we have another TV, so I’ve got no excuses now.

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Glue ‘n’ Seal winner

This is a super easy card.  It’s the same napkin you saw on my canvas a couple of posts ago,  glued onto watercolour paper with Glue ‘n’ Seal.  I used watercolour paper because of it’s absorbency.  All paper will warp when you add moisture, but as this is designed for water, I’ve found it hardly warped at all with this glue and certainly didn’t do the helter-skelter (you know, where it cockles so badly you could lean it against the wall and charge a pound a ride!).

I got four pieces out of one napkin and all I did was apply the glue to the paper, then carefully laid down the napkin.  I smoothed it onto the glue with a soft wide dry brush, then applied Glue ‘n’ Seal over the top.  When dry, I trimmed the whole thing and mounted onto a purple card then pearl green layer before sticking to a purple scalloped card.

It’s such a pretty design that I didn’t want to cover it up too much so used a tiny foiled birthday greeting (from Craftwork Cards) with a ribbon bow underneath.

You may notice I went back to my old blog design over the weekend – the new one really was not liveable with.  When I was logged in and viewing the blog, all the WordPress admin links were showing up in odd places over the top of the design so I couldn’t click on any of the menu links or post titles.  It would seem that particular template has not been updated to suit the newer version of WordPress that I have, so it’s had to go.

And I remembered one of the reasons I went for this template in the first place was it’s ability to have numbered comments.  It is SO much easier doing a blog giveaway when your comments have numbers attached to them.  It’s even clever enough not to number my own replies, so it makes it super easy peasy.  (It’s called Suffusion for the need to know geeks.)

So in conjunction with random.org, I am pleased to announce that the winner is ….. Shirley who said:

Morning Glenda,
The glue & seal looks fabulous…I love what you have done with the stencils too….more for my wish list which get ever longer.
I would love to win the glue & seal as I am trying to experiment with mixed media a bit more.
Shirley x

Well Shirley, get out your lab coat and test tubes, you’re all set to start experimenting very soon!

To everyone else, commiserations, but do keep an eye on the Design Team blog as there’s lots about to happen over there.  We have a new DT member who will be announced this month, new stamps coming out (which of course means more new artwork) plus a guest blogger regularly featured in Craft Stamper.

And I will be back soon – I’ve been playing with the gorgeous new Prima paper stacks.  I haven’t treated myself to new paper for AGES and I am loving it!  There are three sheets of each design in the pad and that means I can use up a whole sheet and still have two left to stroke!  Someone at Prima understands the way a paperholic’s mind works …

Mixing up the media

I am getting better at scheduling playtime into my life.

As always, I have lots more started bits than finished, but here is a finished painting which I did on a small wooden block (actually a stamp handle).

She looks very serious, I need to practise mouths and get my figures to smile and laugh more.  The dictionary paper is glued onto the block with Ranger’s new Glue ‘n’ Seal (matte) and I publicly proclaim that I am officially in LERVE with this product.  So much so that I’ve just ordered the larger size container of it because I neeeeeed more.

I’ve been using it a lot and it just doesn’t leave brush marks, but dries to an invisible finish.  I’ve used it with plain tissue, Tim Holtz printed tissue, dictionary paper, dressmaking patterns and napkins and it is just fantastic for all these lightweight things.  For heavier paper or card, I would probably still use Gel medium as the heavier the item is, the more adhesion it needs.  However, sometimes gel can tear the delicate stuff – particularly napkins or dressmaking pattern tissue and so far this has worked a treat on all of those.

It also dries quickly and you can stick your paper down, then go straight over the top with the sealing coat.  I hadn’t intended writing a love letter  to Glue’n’Seal, but there you go.  If you like collage, you need to try it.  Oh yeah, there’s a brush built into the lid so you can use it without having to get out a brush and go fetch a jar of water.  Well, that is until you get near the bottom when there’s still lots of glue left, but the built in brush doesn’t quite reach it.  It’s also a bit plastic-y so I prefer to use my own softer brush for the delicate stuff like napkins.

Talking of collage, I also prepared a background for something else that I am working on.

Can you guess what it’s made from?  Again it’s covered in dictionary paper (from an illustrated dictionary) which has been painted with acrylic paints, then stencilled with a variety of Crafter’s Workshop templates.  I stencilled some red hearts then used interference blue and bright gold for the top layers of stencilling which use the Cubist stencil and the Circle grid stencil.

And finally, remember this canvas?

Well I’ve done a bit more work and it’s currently progressed to this:

More Crafter’s Workshop templates – this time Spring Fling and Pointy Circles.   I just can’t get enough of these, I am really enjoying working with these templates as you can probably tell.  The hydrangea in the corner is a napkin, glued down with …. yep, you guessed it, Glue ‘n’ Seal!

You know what, I’m feeling generous today and I’ve just decided on the spur of the moment to send a pot of this wonder stuff to one lucky blog reader.  All you need to do is leave me a comment and tell me if you have tried Glue ‘n’ Seal yet and if you haven’t, why you think you could give a free pot a good home.

I’ll pick a winner on Monday and as long as we have some left in stock, I’ll send it straight out.  (We have a delivery due in any day now so even if we sell out over the weekend, we should have it back in pretty quickly).

Have a great weekend!

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