Addicted to Gelli

I am finding Gelli Plate printing to be quite addictive.  I love to print onto thin papers like newsprint, tissue, dictionary paper, parchment and the brown kraft paper that Amazon often stuff their parcels with. I love experimenting with mark making – not all of it turns out great, but when it’s ripped up and used in conjunction with paints and pens, it takes on a different life.

gelli print03 Having a stack of this thin stuff is just great for collage which I like to include in my journals.

gelli print02 This journal page is a mix of gelli printed papers and paint.


The thinner papers are great for paper piecing.

gelli print01 The paper above ended up becoming the tag below.


This tag features the print shown above and some dictionary paper for the skin.  The stamp is from the Julie Nutting range (Ruffle Dress) and I drew the face in using a Sakura Pigma Micron pen. I even used the plainer border of the print for the top and ruffle to give contrast and to show off the print part of the dress better.  (I added an extra ruffle along the way too in case  you were wondering.)  The tag itself is also a gelli print which has been overstamped with Fancy Flourishes and Abstract Fragments.  I added a touch of shading under her feet with a pencil.

So do you have a Gelli Plate yet?  If you have one, but haven’t got round to trying it out yet, take a look at Monday Mojo Magic issue 19 for a basic introduction.   Last week Debbie showed me how she uses the gelli plate with inks rather than paints and that’s opened up a whole new avenue of possibilities.

If you have been bitten by the Gelli bug, I’d love to know if you’re as addicted as I am!


Whispering Secrets journal page

I thought I’d show you one of my recent journal pages.  Sometimes I love bright bold colour and other times I like to tone it down.

All the little snippets you see on this page are offcuts that almost got thrown away.  Each one is attached to the simple gesso background with a single strip of masking tape at the top which acts as a hinge and allows each piece to be lifted.  I’ve added some stickers and washi tape and the writing is hidden under the flaps.

I think of it as whispering rather than shouting.

You can have real fun with this technique – use it for writing those things you don’t want on show, even to yourself; use it to turn around a negative – write the whiny stuff under the flap and turn it into a positive on the top; write about your guilty pleasures; or write about those hidden, secret dreams that you don’t dare to say out loud.   There’s lots of scope for having a whispered conversation with yourself.

What would you whisper about?

Bits and Pieces

Can I start by saying thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  I am not very prolific at the moment, either with my crafting or my blogging and I know that there are a lot of people who come here looking for inspiration and I’m not showing up an awful lot at the moment.

Right now, most of my energy is going into other things like helping Adrian sort out his parents house, being his emotional support and helping him deal with everything that comes with that.  It’s tiring stuff and one thing I learned during my few months of illness earlier this year – there has to be plenty of rest to balance that or exhaustion will set in and lead to more health problems.  Remember the Mars bar slogan – ‘work, rest and play’ – well it’s my goal in life to get those three in perfect balance.  I’m a work in progress …

I have been fitting in some journaling and using little pockets of time to play with no purpose or goal in mind. I’m not finishing much so my ‘bits box’ has spilled over from one drawer to two with lots  of unfinished projects and random experiments.  I did manage to finish a Christmas card last week – this uses the same embossing powder technique that I wrote about in October’s Craft Stamper.

I used Ruby Romance and Silver Wow embossing powders with a Prima damask mask, then used a mixture of our clear stamps for the sentiment (Best Relative Ever for the label shape and Warm Christmas Greetings).  Instead of flipping it over, I just lifted the mask off and  you can see a little fuzziness which is from the powder that spilled through as I was lifting it.

I also made a couple of tags while trying out the Vintaj Patina kit.  The paint is designed to be used on metal, but I tried it on black tags and loved the rich metallic finish they give.

I used a mix of gold and silver on both, then when dry I embossed the images from Gothic Fragments with black embossing powder and used Copic markers to add some colour.  As the markers are transparent, the metallic colour shines through and gives the colours a wonderful glow.  The patina colour is super rich and when spritzed with water or spray inks, the metallic particles dance around and break up into very interesting patterns.  It’s on my list to get to know this product a bit better and I really need to try it out on textured surfaces.

Some days when I have the time to create, but the muse has gone a-wandering, I simply paint background pages in my journal.  I have three journals on the go at the moment, so I work on all three, usually using a credit card to scrape a thin layer of paint onto the background.  By the time I’ve done the third one, the first one is dry enough to tackle another page so I can get a few done in one session.  It’s usually a good mojo-buster if you’ve got the crafting blues – just sloshing paint around randomly is good for you.  I’ll often have a stack of tags or paper to hand and if  I like the colour combinations I’ll do a few tags too.

I have a ‘journaling drawer’ full of words and images I’ve cut out from magazines, together with papers, doilies, stickers, etc so I always have lots of journal fodder to go at when I feel like making a page.  It never ceases to amaze me how the words I cut out six months ago can be so relevant just when I need them.  I also use alphabet stamps to stamp out my own phrases and words.  When I’m tired though, I don’t ‘harvest’ images or words from magazines.  I always prefer to do that when I am fresh otherwise I miss the good stuff.

Here’s a page I made recently (click on it for a larger view).

I used paint, a random collage of magazine pages, stencils, wrapping paper, hole reinforcers, stickers and an old greeting card to make this page.  The card is stuck down and sealed on three sides to create a pocket for the tag which is stamped with the words ‘PLAY IS SACRED’.

And if I need any advice on getting that ‘work, rest and play’ balance, then of course I have the perfect consultant for the rest and play part of the equation.

Cue Trillian …

Well I figured a 16 hour long video of a typical day’s napping would be a bit much – even with her infinite number of mind boggling optical illusion poses!

You can’t use up creativity …

This quote was a tweet published in issue 44 of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine which landed on my doormat today.  Definitely one of those “yeah, what she said” moments.  Thanks Sue Brown for the inspiration.

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