Lazy Days

I am thoroughly winding down and enjoying my home holiday.  I’m just pottering about looking after kittens and sorting out the huge backlog of domestic jobs that seem to have built up.  The utility room is now tidy, clean and sorted which apart from anything else makes it much easier to spot a stray kitten.  I’ve tidied up the craft room a bit and have plans to spend some time in there tomorrow, but it’s definitely a no go zone for kittens, there’s just too much tempting stuff in there for them to completely destroy.

The downside of young kittens is definitely the poop.  Especially when they are half asleep and realise they need to go, but can’t remember where the litter tray is.  How one kitten can actually contain so much of the stuff is beyond me and the change of diet is obviously taking some getting used to for their poor little intestines.  We’re onto our third brand of cat litter now as the odour control version very definitely did NOT do what it said on the pack, the self clumping stuff doesn’t actually clump very well so we’re onto the wood based stuff which has a much better pine smell to start with.  Hopefully tomorrow, my covered litter tray with cat flap and odour filter will be arriving, together with a cute little scratchy toy thing for them.  My final word on the subject (I promise) is shag pile carpet plus kitten poop – NOT fun!  I’m buying shares in carpet shampoo …

They are both fast asleep now, worn out by all their energetic pouncing and bouncing.  Adrian  has discovered his vocation in life – giant cat climbing  frame.

The great playground of Adrian
Er, that's getting a little too close for comfort Miss Trillian
*@%^! your claws are sharp!

Check back tomorrow for another bouncing pouncing cute video.  And if they give me some peace, maybe some more Christmas cards.

Kitten Fight Club

That’s not quite the cuddle puddle it first appears to be …

Trillian has come out of her shell today and shown a hint of her true personality.  She’s much easier to handle than Zaphod, but he’s a big softie at heart.  This afternoon when he was sleepy, Adrian picked him up and put him on my lap and he fell into a deep sleep and let me stroke him and joy of joys, I even got a little purr.

Trillian has to have eye drops put in twice a day to clear up the eye infection that is making the sides of her nose look so dirty, so she’s used to being handled a bit more.  When their little batteries finally pack in and they collapse, they really soften up and like being stroked.  Zaphod seems to like the sound of my voice – he started getting a bit nervy at one point and I managed to soothe him back to sleep by just talking to him.

So it’s been a lovely lazy relaxing day, punctuated by mad whirlwinds of high speed kittens in full on attack mode.  My hands are lacerated and both of us have got used to our ankles being used as crash barriers.    They’re currently zonked out asleep so I’m making the most of it and off to the craft room for a bit of a tidy up, it’s a mess in there!

Sleepy Kittens?

I just put a couple of new videos up as well.

Timid Trillian

and a short clip of Zany Zaphod

Yes, I know, we’re besotted.  Though I confess I shed some tears last night because I still miss my big boys so much.  What I wouldn’t give to just be able to scoop up Basil and give him a great big hug … Well I suppose Adrian will have to do until these to get to the cuddly stage and I’m happy to wait for however long that takes.