This was my busy week


I’ve not returned as quickly as I had hoped, but I’m cutting myself some slack because this week just gone was my busy week out of the month.  Each month this year, I’m putting together an online magazine as part of a Chocolate Baroque project club called A Year of Stamping with Chocolate Baroque.  No matter how well organised you think you are, there’s always lots to do in the final stages to pull the whole thing together and this week everything else took a back seat while I got the magazine put to bed.

So, I will be announcing workshops and dates very soon, but first, I have a little surprise for a couple of my readers who I pulled completely at random (using from last week’s commenters.  Congratulations to Janice Stone and Coral who both left me very encouraging comments on my 100 challenge post.  Ladies, I can see you are both customers of Chocolate Baroque which means I have your addresses already.  Watch out next week, there’ll be something heading your way in the post – I’m not saying what, it’s a surprise!

Have a great weekend everyone,


It's another random giveaway!

If you search for the word ‘busy’ on my blog, you get six pages of results.  That’s not good.  I don’t want to be remembered for spending my life telling the world how busy I was.  I once had someone whinge at me for not blogging enough back in the early days and I almost gave up on blogging because I didn’t want it to become a guilt trip.  I soon decided that I would blog on my own terms and figured no one wanted to read lots of apologies as to why I hadn’t blogged so I wouldn’t open my posts with excuses or apologies, but try to say something interesting each time.

Saying I’m busy a lot is almost as bad – it’s making excuses in a different way.  We’re all busy in our own ways and I’m sure I would soon be bored with a life of leisure.  I would love the chance to test that theory sometime, but at the risk of repeating my oft lamented cry, life has got even more manic than usual.  Nothing critical, but both sides of the family need us a fair bit at the moment, and keeping up with my side involves some travelling as none of them live locally.  I drew a picture in my journal a few years ago of me juggling – I’ve always felt that running a business is like juggling, but suddenly I’m expected to do it while learning to ride a unicycle at the same time!

Anyway, today I am just popping in to say I have put another little bag of de-stashed bits and pieces together for a lucky winner.  I just pulled up the last couple of weeks of comments and have picked out a random winner and the lucky name drawn is … Sue Stone who left a comment on July 27th.  Congratulations Sue, we have your address already, so your prize will go out in the post tomorrow.

You never know when the random stash pixie will strike …

Christmas already

I haven’t got much to show you at the moment as I’m working on a magazine project that I can’t share yet.  We designed the covermount stamp for Craft Stamper’s November issue and I’m busy doing some card samples with that stamp now.  It’s always bizzarre doing Christmas in July, but I did pick a non-traditional colour scheme, so it doesn’t feel too Christmassy.

So time for a random giveaway.  I didn’t get online much over the weekend – we visited Adrian’s parents yesterday then went up to Durham and had lunch there followed by a browse around Waterstones.  Our big de-clutter unearthed £35 of book tokens and Waterstone’s vouchers and isn’t it typical, when you have money to burn, there’s nothing takes your fancy!

The last 100 comments all went into the mix, a number was selected completely at random and the winner is Veronica who left a comment on 18th July on the Tree Tags post.

fantastic tags Glenda – absolutely love the misty look there, and the embossed trees really stand out

Well done Veronica – I’ve sent you an email.

I shall go back to my Christmas projects now, but Smokey has been sighted, so I have a camera on a tripod trained on the back window waiting for his reappearance …

Oh, and check back later, I should have exciting news of our new Design Team!