While working on a birthday card …

Well firstly I have to say a huge thank you for all your very flattering compliments on the last post.  I almost didn’t publish it, but I’m glad that some of you feel inspired to get healthier in 2012.

Today I have a little treat for you which has been a long time coming.  At the last Paradise Weekend Retreat we held in September last year, Adrian took to the stage on the Saturday  night and performed a little song that he wrote specially for the event.

We didn’t have a video camera to hand at the time, so there is no footage of the original, but I’ve put a little slide show together and I’m proud to present … Add a Brad!

For those who were there, I hope it brings back happy memories and for those who weren’t, I hope you enjoy this little bit of silliness.

Happy New Year!

Pockets of Happiness

Many of you know that this has been a difficult year for one reason or another.  Through it all, we knew that to stay sane, we had to stay positive and grasp little moments of joy whenever they presented themselves.  Little moments became our pockets of happiness and we looked for them whenever we could.  Watching a sunset eating fish and chips on the way home from hospital.  Spotting the first black rabbit in the garden.  Watching a good film, hanging out with good friends and occasional retail therapy!

The phrase ‘pockets of happiness’ has stuck and I continue to look for those moments in every day life too.  It inspired the project that we started the retreat with, and it led to a new A4 sheet of stamps called Artistic Affirmations.

On the retreat, we created a pocket book with Artylicious papers.

We created a pocket book to hold little cards which were made from painted and stamped chipboard.  Here are some of my painted cards.

Each one is 9.5×9.5cm which also happens to be the size of the recess in an Ikea pine mirror.  Those mirrors are so cheap they make great frames for arty projects – just gesso right over the top of the mirror and you can paint it, stamp it or, as I’ve done here, insert a card into it.

You can change the cards as the mood takes you.

Paradise Weekend Retreat Photos

I can’t believe it’s all over! So much work goes into these events that they take over your life for a while now it feels like the weekend has just rushed past in a blur.

I hope all of you who came along enjoyed yourself – you certainly looked like you were having fun.

I’m taking a few days off as I have a ridiculously busy schedule for the rest of this month with lots of family stuff to get sorted out (Social Services are re-assessing Adrian’s mum as we need to get some lifting equipment in place for her, etc.) Meanwhile here are a few photos I managed to get – I really didn’t get time to go around with my camera and get more photos of finished work. If any of you who were on the Retreat have blogs, please leave me some links if you have photos to share.