Are you the lucky winner?

Well done to everyone who entered the White Christmas challenge.  You managed to get the prize fund up to £43.00, woo hoo!

So who is the lucky winner of this great prize?  Well I re-set the list so all entries are now in the order in which they were submitted,  then set the random number generator on them.   So with utter randomness, the number selected was number 2 – Sylvia-Anne!

Here’s her card

Congratulations Sylvia-Anne.  Can you please get in touch with me and I will send you an electronic gift voucher to use on any Chocolate Baroque stamps on our website.

Massive thanks to everyone else who took part, I’ve enjoyed looking at all your entries and over the weekend hope to get the qualifying ones onto a gallery page on our Design Team blog.  Meanwhile, please feel free to grab the blog logo below if you want to display it on your blogs.  I’d appreciate it if you could link the image back to the White Challenge page – the address is – thanks.

Looks like we may well be in for a White Christmas in some parts of the UK – we don’t actually have any snow here yet and I’m hoping it will stay that way to be honest.

Stay warm everyone!



PS – sorry the announcement is late, but we have a fault on the phone line at the moment so our broadband connection is a little temperamental!  BT have been out twice, but each time they come, it works perfectly!

Two days left …

The entries have been pouring in for the White Christmas challenge and the prize fund is now up to £40!  There’s still two days left to get your entries in and the lucky winner will be announced on Friday.

Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far – you’ve really come up with some beautiful and inspirational cards and projects and I’ve tried to visit all your blogs and leave comments.  One or two of the links are not working – if I can figure it out, I’ve corrected them, but if I haven’t dropped by to comment, that’s probably why.

If your link is not working, can you leave a comment here with the correct link and I’ll fix it on the challenge page.

White Christmas canvas revealed

White Christmas Challenge prize fund standing at £14.00 so far and growing …

We have new stamps on the website including a set called Texture Fragments which are just brilliant for mixed media. I tried them with Artista, a brand of air drying clay that is as light as fluff and my favourite piece ended up being the focal point of my self-challenged White Christmas project.

click for a larger view

I have enhanced the texture with foil and I thought the white and gold was very classy, so stuck with a very minimal colour scheme.  I almost put a white rose on it, but when I tried out the red, the pop of colour just seemed to be right and gave it the hint of Christmas it needed, so the red stayed.  It would also make a lovely wedding gift, perhaps with the word ‘love’ or ‘eternity’ instead of ‘believe’.

I’m having a techno-strop at the moment as I’m trying to upload some videos to YouTube this evening, but I keep getting a communication error – I think the high winds are whipping the phone lines around outside so the magic broadband pixies can’t see where they’re going.  I’ll try again in the morning – I’m dying to show you my “faketangle” card!

PS – You can read more about all the new stamps on the Design Team Blog.

A sponsored challenge

I’ve struggled over the last year sometimes with a lack of creative oomph from time to time.  You know that feeling when the mojo has gone a wandering and you just need something to spark your imagination a bit.  One of the big turn offs for me over the last couple of months has been flies.  My craft room is south facing and with the unseasonally warm weather we had in October, the room was full of bluebottles that went beyond irritation and into horror movie territory.  I was literally hoovering them up off the windowsill each morning.

Naturally I wasn’t exactly feeling delighted to be in the room, so we tried out a few solutions to try and stop them getting in, but in the end, the only thing that has worked has been two large tubes of silicone sealer.  We knew they (and a lot of draughts) were getting in through the gaps in the rattly old sash windows and despite the downside of having to clean it all off if we want to open the windows next spring, it has worked a treat.  The room is a lot less draughty too and the hoover can finally be put away instead of being on standby all the time.  Another much needed bonus is that I don’t have a high speed cat trying to catch flies mid-air in the middle of all my stash any more.

It has done wonders for my creative energy and over the last 2-3 weeks I feel like I’m making up for lost time.  I’ve been doing artwork for Christmas cards, the Guild newsletters, my online classes and I’ve been working in my journals more – even doing some crochet and knitting.

I sometimes like to set myself a challenge to give me a focus, so I decided to work with the theme White Christmas and see if I could incorporate texture as a sub-theme for a Guild article I had been working on.  I ended up producing a little 5×7 inch canvas which I am really pleased with, but I want my Guild members to be the first to see it, so I’m not going to reveal it on the blog just yet.

I enjoyed the theme so much that I decided to use it as the basis for a challenge and you can read all about it on the White Christmas Challenge page that I have set up specially for it.  I’m trying out an InLinkz gadget to enable you to easily add a link to your entry.  (Yes that means you need to have a blog to take part, or at least an online picture gallery where you can link to a specific image.)

There are prizes to be won and I came up with what I think is a rather novel idea – the more people who enter, the bigger the prize fund gets (up to a maximum of £50.00).  I basically add £1.00 for every person who takes part in the challenge. Your entry doesn’t need to be elaborate or time consuming and I don’t mind if it doubles up with other challenges too.

Click  here to read all about it and please help to spread the word – I’d love to see what people come up with and I’m really hoping that the prize ends up being more than a fiver – that would just be embarrassing!