Zaphod BeebleKitten

There really is no easy way to say this – our sweet little boy is no longer with us.

I have been so distraught, I haven’t been able to talk about it.  It’s been all I could do to carry on with any semblance of normality.  He was killed by a car on May 4th and we are both still reeling from the shock.  If you could see where we live, you would understand our disbelief that it could happen on the quiet country lane outside our house.  And so quickly – I saw him minutes before Adrian went to get him in.

Making the decision to let an old or sick cat go to their rest is hard, but you know you are making a choice to end their suffering.  The senseless death of a young, healthy animal carries a much different kind of pain.  It is harder to accept, more shocking to experience, there is more anger and rage and an endless mindstream of self recrimination and ‘if only’s’.

The rational mind knows that this grief was inevitable, but the heart is screaming that it is too soon.  The mind knows that this was not our fault, but the grief  whispers back “are you sure?” There is a chasm of self pity that I long to throw myself into, but an insistent little chirrupping meep reminds me that I have another kitten to attend to and she needs us more than ever.

Farewell snuggly one – when you get over the rainbow bridge, the wise one called Sesame will be watching for you.  He’ll lead the way through the scratching post forest,  through the valley of cardboard boxes, over the snowy mountains of clean laundry to the glorious garden of catnip delight where you can bounce and pounce your way through eternity.

Glamour Shots

Here’s a little kitten fix to while away the time until I can fit in more crafting.  For those who were asking, Zaphod is the piebald black and white one and Trillian is the calico (tortie and white).  As several people warned me, Trillian is indeed a completely nutso bonkers mad hyper ball of energy and Zaphod is mellowing into quite a lazy boy.  Trillian will play alone for hours with a sweetie wrapper, but Zaphod prefers to be entertained.  When they finally calm down, they will snuggle up on a lap and surrender to a fuss.  Heaven help you if you try to fuss them when they’re not in the mood though – you’ll get a spiky swat for your pains.

While I’ve been working at home this week, they like to come and sit in the window of my office.  The window doesn’t have a curtain rail and we haven’t got round to putting one up yet, so I just have a throw tacked up at the window to stop the light glaring off my computer screen.  Of course, this means endless fun getting tangled in it, swatting each other from both sides of it and occasionally curling up and sleeping on the windowsill.  Here’s a few shots I got in yesterday’s glorious sunshine.  Click on an image to see a larger version.

The Beebles learn to climb trees

As you can probably guess from the conspicuous lack of blogging, I’ve been pretty busy lately.  There is a lot to do to get a new business up and running and a lot of moving stuff around, building shelves, setting up a website, etc, not to mention designing a logo and packaging, laying out a catalogue, plus designing new stamps of course.

It’s going to be another few weeks before I have much to share on that front, but I will be listing some stuff on Ebay soon and will let you know when that’s set up.

Meanwhile I did manage to get a kitten video edited and that is on my new YouTube channel.

Zaphod is sitting on my lap at the moment and he’s just watched the video in rapt fascination with wide eyes, pricked ears and the cutest little twitching tail.

Hope you enjoy it as much as he did!

Guild Teaser

Today’s random winner is StamperSue – I’ll be in touch for your address and a wee parcel will be on it’s way to you on Monday.

The Copic Corner feature in this month’s Graphicus Guild is all about ‘glow’ and these are two of the cards featured, so there’s no write up on these today, but I thought I would at least share the images with you.

This one features the angel from our new Family Christmas stamp sheet which is just a gorgeous set.

and this is from the Christmas Angel of Light set.

I promised you kitten photos and as if on cue, Zaphod decided to explore the washing machine this morning.

He sniffed around inside, then stretched up and managed to make the drum rotate which fascinated him.

So he turned around and discovered that it rotated both ways.

Meanwhile Trillian was beating up the squeaky mouse.

What’s up Trillian?  Too much like hard work?  Well don’t worry, tomorrow’s Caturday, you can relax all weekend.