SF at Home Day 3: Giving something back

Published May 20, 2020

The Spring Fling 2020 giveaway is now closed and winners have been notified.

You can still sign up to hear about new work, events, workshops and future special offers or giveaways.  I’ve left the post below, but this giveaway is no longer open.

Follow the adventures of a colour loving artist

Can I show you what I made?  Tell you what I’m up to?  Get your creative juices flowing on a workshop?

Thank you!

All I need is your email address and your first name and you’re on my VIP list.

The thing that lockdown has brought home to me is how important communication is for all of us.  I am very selective about who I follow online and even more so about whose mailing lists I sign up for.

About four years ago I had a massive cull and unsubscribed from pretty much all newsletters I had subscribed to and since then, I have been very choosy about who and what I let into my inbox.

I enjoy every single newsletter that I have chosen to receive and I am super grateful to everyone who has signed up to hear from me.

So I am giving a little something back.  If you are already on my mailing list, you don’t need to do anything at all, you are automatically included and will be notified on Monday if you have won a prize.

If you sign up to my newsletter before 5pm on Monday 25th May 2020, then you can also be in with a chance of winning  one of these prizes as well as my eternal gratitude for letting me into your inbox.

Hand dyed silk scarf

Choose from the scarves I have already dyed or let me dye you a scarf in your favourite colours.

Lucky Dip Card Pack

Win a lucky dip selection of greeting cards, perfect for all occasions.

6×6 inch print

Choose from one of five small 6x6inch prints, framed in a deep white box frame.

One lucky winner will receive their choice of framed print from these five.

Becalmed Giclee Print

Breakthrough Giclee Print

Storm Lorenzo Giclee Print

Windswept Ballantrae Giclee Print

Portpatrick Lighthouse Giclee Print

Someone will win a lucky dip pack of greeing cards made from images of my paintings.

And someone will win a hand dyed silk scarf, possibly custom dyed in their favourite colour.

Carribean Queen
green mandala shibori


  1. Kim Dornan

    I love all your products. I’ve purchased 2 prints and some gorgeous wool too.

    • Glenda Waterworth

      Thank you so much Kim, that’s lovely to hear, I hope both the prints and the wool are bringing you lots of pleasure. xx

      • Val Beveridge

        Hi Glenda, sorry to hear your new venture has been halted. We are living in very strange times. Hope we get back to some kind of normal soon and you and Adrian stay safe and well xx

        • Glenda Waterworth

          Thanks Val, lovely to hear from you, hope you’re well. I’m sure we’ll all appreciate “normality” more once we have it back! xx

  2. Barbara Kelly

    Hi Glenda, I bought some of your cards a while ago but I have only sent out one of them the rest are too lovely to give away so I have framed a couple and thinking what to do with the others. I love the paintings you are doing especially the deep colours.
    I once came to one of your card-making classes in Barnard Castle and really enjoyed myself. I hope you and your husband are both in good health in these strange and unsure times. xx

    • Glenda Waterworth

      Lovely to hear from you, and thank you for the lovely compliment. We’re both fine thanks and you’re not the only one I’ve heard of who is framing the cards!

  3. Roslyn Carter

    What lovely prizes, I’ve entered my details but I think I might already be on your mailing list. Either way, I love hear from you and I also culled my newsletter and social media following, thankfully you survived the cull and I get to see the beautiful artwork that you create. The mixed media picture of the carnival girl still brings me and ben so much joy and we still talk about owning the gorgeous ethereal lady. Take care and stay safe x

    • Glenda

      I’m so glad you are enjoying your painting. If you are talking about Leda, she’s still here, poor girl is in storage as we don’t have much space for displaying her!

  4. Caroline Curtis

    Love all your things both painting and yarn and dye related articles. Look forward to workshops when lockdown is truely over. One of the things lockdown has taught me is to indulge my dreams and art and crafts are one of those things.

    • Glenda

      Thanks Caroline, I think lockdown has given many of us a new perspective. Follow your dreams and enjoy! x



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