37cm x 27cm

Frame Size

50cm x 40cm

Frame Type

Walnut Stain

Mount Colour


Celtic Twilight – SOLD

Although twilight is most commonly used to refer to evening, it also applies to that time in the morning before the sun has risen when the land is barely perceptible due to the dim light.   Living on the western side of a bay means I get to witness sunrises at all different times of the year, with sunsets a short drive across the peninsula to the western coast.  Whether the sun is rising or setting, I feel a deep peace and connection to nature in witnessing both.

I like to create paintings that are deliberately ambiguous and open to interpretation.  It could represent the promise and hope of a new dawn or a symbol of rest and retreat into slumber triggered by fading light, but ultimately I hope this images speaks to you and holds some meaning that is uniquely yours.

Acrylic, on paper.

Product Code:  FA-00134
Media:  Acrylic on paper
Size:  37cm x 27cm
Frame Type:  Walnut stain
Frame size:  50cm x 40cm
Mount colour:  Ivory


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