Artist Statement

I try to express my feelings on the canvas, whether that is a response to the landscape and sea views around me, or an expression of my inner emotions through colour and texture.

Water frequently appears in my work, inspired by the lakes I grew up around in Cumbria and the sea views I look out on every day.

I work mainly in acrylics, occasionally in oils, and like to incorporate texture and other media such as ink, watercolour, pastel, and often a touch of gold.

I consider myself a multi-disciplinary artist with a passion for bold colour as the unifying factor across all my work.


I spent several years studying traditional bookbinding with a retired master binder and still enjoy making books and passing on the traditional skills to others. 

I enjoy using up scraps of paper and even ‘failed’ paintings to create tiny books and I am particularly fond of folded accordian structures.


I love to learn new skills and have spent the last few years getting more involved with dyeing, particularly silk and wool.  I dye my own fibre to spin my own yarn and my recent experiments have involved fusing dyed silks together into a paper like translucent material which I have combined with watercolour to create interesting abstract paintings.

Fine Art

I love to work intuitvely, aiming to create a mood or feeling rather than a snapshot of what I see.  I use painting as a tool to help me understand myself and make sense of the world and often surprise myself with the results.

I love the ancient Greek idea that artists studios have a spirit (that they called a genius) living in the walls and it is this spirit that makes a painting good or bad.  Before I came across this concept, I used to refer to my pixies who would stay up all night and correct my mistakes because a painting always has more to show you after you have stepped away and ignored it for a while.

When not engaged in artistic pursuits, I am the creative half of Glendrian Creative,  a graphic design and web design business which I run with my husband Adrian.  I specialise in working with artists and creative makers to help overcome their fear of technology and put systems in place that work for them.

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