20cm x 28.5cm

Frame Size

28cm x 36.5cm

Frame Type

Walnut Stain

Mount Colour


Lonely Birch

The path into the forest stretched ahead of me, growing darker as it took me further into the dense trees. I walked for a while, enjoying the solitude and listening to the sounds of a nearby stream. I rounded a bend and ahead of me, a new landscape emerged of dripping moss and golden light. A lichen covered birch tree stood by a collapsed wall, inviting me to rest a while.

As I sat quietly, a deer walked out of the trees, not aware of me at first, she came calmly towards me. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks, her instincts kicking in as she sought the source of her unease. We watched each other for a moment, then, with a huge graceful leap, she disappeared into the dark trees.



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