40cm x 40cm

Frame Size

44cm x 44cm

Frame Type

Plain white

Scorched Earth

This piece is a pure abstract composition that invites the viewer to contemplate the interplay of color and form. The blend of soft gold and hints of green in the background create a sense of warmth and earthiness, while the bold textured strokes of red and orange evoke a sense of energy and movement.

This piece measures 40cm x 40cm and features textured brushstrokes and vivid colors that are sure to catch the eye and stir the imagination.

“Scorched Earth” comes in a plain white frame that measures 44cm x 44cm, providing a clean and contemporary presentation that complements the painting’s dynamic and expressive design.

This piece is perfect for those who appreciate the raw beauty of nature, and who are drawn to the power and intensity of the natural world. “Scorched Earth” is a testament to the resilience and strength of the earth, and I hope it inspires you as much as it did me while I was creating it.


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A slight change of palette for me, moving away from sea and sky colours to deeper, more earthy tones, Scorched Earth is inspired by the dry, dusty colours of the countryside on hot Summer days and the searing, dreadful heat of wildfires such as the Australian bushfires of 2020.

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