Searching for the Light

Published March 29, 2023

In 2019, I began a series of small abstract paintings called “Searching for the Light.” The series originally consisted of 12 small paintings, each exploring different colors and textures.

One of the larger paintings in the series was ‘Breakthrough’ which for me epitomises hope – the light breaking through the darkness.


Although this painting sold a while ago, it has become one of my most popular giclee prints and is available in two sizes as well as a greeting card. Looking back at the series now, I can see how much it reflects my emotional journey at the time. Each painting is a visual representation of a different stage of that journey, from the first glimmer of hope to the final breakthrough.

There are just four pieces remaining in the Searching for the Light series.  They are small paintings, each one is 90mm x 140mm, double mounted in a frame which is 270mm x 320mm.

You’ll find them all in the shop: Remember Tomorrow, Pursuit of Sanctuary, Finding Your Dance and Magic Chances.


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Hi, I'm Glenda

artist & web designer

I live by the sea in southern Scotland and paint contemporary artwork for people who love a splash of colour on their walls.

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